What constraction part(s)/colors do you wish LEGO to make?

Let's face it. Every time we make MOCS,sometimes we have enough parts to do it,sometimes not. But most of the time,we have experienced two things:

1:Have the part that's needed,but not the right color.
2:Have the part that's needed,but not enough to use them to do something.

With that in mind,here are some constraction parts/colors I wish LEGO to make:

1:Let all versions of armors have golden versions.
3:Black katanas.
4:Gold wing pieces(Like the Jet Rocka and the Furno XL ones).
5:Dark elemental pieces.

I'll update this list for a few times when I think of more.....


1: Pink shells. (I want a lego chima flamingo ultrabuild)
2: More coulors for the 6 and 7 length shells
3: i'm not sure if this already exists but medium blue 4 length shells
4: more metru couloured armour pieces

I also wich these were real


Every piece ever in turquoise stuck_out_tongue


^^^This. And throw in purple while you're at it. Also, while it's next to impossible, I'd like to see all the Kanohi in all the colors :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Actually I always thought a metru green Vahi would be cool. I am strongly against modifying pieces myself, tho I don't mind others doing it That and those lower leg armor pieces from 09 I think? Ackar had them. Anyway, I'd like them in more colors (again, Metru green would be nice)


Yeah, I don't like to modify pieces myself, which is why if I decide to do something like that, I intend to order pieces specifically for that purpose.

I want them to bring back teal, and make more things in purple. Also bring back those lower leg armor pieces from Ackar/Mata Nui/Rotor, and rig up an attachment to the CCBS armor so it can be used on the new sets.

More parts in the Metru colors.

Bronze/copper colored CCBS armor.

I once had a thought for the hands: bring back the Glatorian hand (because the fingers will need to be larger for this purpose) and remake it so that the fingers can move, but make it so that when they close, they can still grip a plus connector. All three of the main fingers would move together, and the thumb would be one piece. The entire hand would be in 4 or 5 small pieces that connect with the same size peg as is on the end of the small flame/feather piece.


I want more purple pieces, more sets with red, and more trans colors in sets.


Dark colored armor plates. That is all.

And maybe more recolored socket pieces (not hands.)

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I would like to see some more pink and purple in constraction sets. I guess some more clear white parts would be nice to go with the clear Hau

I also would like more detailed armor parts for them, instead of the smooth finish the current ones give.

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The new toa/protector armor shells in the other main elemental colour
I also want teal green shells


Tan <<< Important

Turquoise would be really nice too.


Dark brown with the tan, I really want an original Pohatu done in ccbs


They made a CCBS hand in tan on the Luke Skywalker constraction figure that will be released in September.

And a tan head, this is gonna be so bad
Actually now that I think about it I want a minifigure like head system with different heads and hair pieces to go over the heads

Literally purple everything.


I would really like some black skull spiders.
Also, white ball joints (06 version)

Oh, also everything in black.


I would say that I want Turquoise back in CCBS for my self-moc, but that would mean that everyone would be using it. :/ I want more turquoise, but I want to be the only one with it! stuck_out_tongue


More parts in Metru colors. Larger variety of opaque bone colors. Varied masks.


Metru masks in mata colors

Piraka thighs, armor of all waves, HF shells and attachments in bright pink

opaque Inika skeleton or hf bones

Black, silver or Grey Piraka skulls


Everything chro said:

gold hands, and this piece in flat silver


Translucent lime green skull spiders.
And more mask's.