What do you do while listening to TTV?

So, most of TTV's videos are audio-only. Minds Iike mine require mental and physical entertainment, so l always do something else. Generally l pIay Minecraft or some other game, and often I'm on these boards.

So, what do you do while listening to TTV's podcasts?


Go on the message boards.


I usually MOC. I find it hard to focus on anything important while listening to an episode. stuck_out_tongue


Most podcasts I listen too while I eat. Other videos I may also be eating, internet surfing (boards in particular), snacking, building Lego sets, scrolling through other videos (mobile YouTube), general computer stuff, contemplating things in life, oh, and maybe eating.

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I usually just watch them on my Ipod while in my bed. If I'm home alone I sometimes will watch old podcasts on my mom's computer while eating.

I mostly just listen to it without doing anything else, as otherwise I would either be unable to concentrate on what I'm doing, or the podcast would just become background noise.


I usually listen to the latest episodes while I do the dishes in the evening. I also catch up on old episodes while cleaning the bathroom on the weekend. Both are mundane tasks that don't require much thought, so I can concentrate on the episode.


I usually play Europa Universalis IV... Yup... Sometimes Hearthstone

Do homework, study, or tweak/make MOCs

I usually have my main LEGO websites (MOCpages and the Message Boards) open while I listen to a podcast.

I wish I could MOC while I listen, but I don't have a computer in my room.

Go through the boards, play Minecraft, you name it. A lot of times I MOC, though.

I read board posts.

I've tried doing this. I've found that I focus on the posts more, and can't concentrate on the podcast. I guess that's just me and @ColdGoldLazarus though. :stuck_out_tongue:


I usually MOC, or go on the boards, write stuff, draw, or do homework.

I usually MOC, or play happy wheels. Or just sit still and do nothing...that works too.

I can't either. That's why i do mundane tasks while listening. (Dang mobile!)


Usually I eat. IDK Y.

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Depends on the time of day. If it's during the morning of early afternoon, I'll usually study. If it's late, I usually MOC.

I either build with da Yegos, or play some variety of mining and/or crafting game.

Most of the time nothing, second is the message boards, Third homework