What do you want from bionicle next year?

What do you want from bionicle next year?

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  • More content on Okoto, hopefully creative content.

  • For Polynesian influence to be brought back.

  • More pieces like that hydraulics one we got this year.

  • For the island to somehow get a better design.

  • MOAR MASKS (for the villagers).


2007 in CCBS. Nuff said...


I mainly want newer pieces that are maybe a bit more true to the original piece design of Bionicle. I'd also like to see Makuta and a stronger lineup of villains overall.


...vampire robots and cyborg dinosaurs?

seriously, i might want regular system sets


I agree with this... :smile:

And this.


While it would be nice to have something like Metru Nui (perhaps deceased Toa that died after Ekimu and Makutas fight), the chances of that happening are very unlikely. What I WOULD like to see is more wildlife because Okoto seems really lacking in terms of culture, flora, and fauna. Also maybe some Matoran sets, though instead of Villager of Fire, it would be Jaller- Villager of Fire.


Proper CCBS titans, 300+ pieces (Witch Doctor style or better)
Makuta set with Mask Of Control and updated Mask Of Shadows
Okoto game similar to Bionicle Heroes that covers the 2015 and 2016 story (hopefully with a sequel to cover the 2017 storyline)
New Toa team
More trans-masks and blended masks
More transparent pieces
More animations
More polybags
More experimenting with the technic/CCBS blend
Villains with new pieces in a similar style to the Barraki


Titans, and more story. And some real villains. And original names.


Non traditional element Characters.

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Oh yes, that too. Okoto seems ripe for more elements, since Lewa is technically Plantlife now. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the only toa outside of the six main elements we got as sets was Takanuva. The others were only every canonized MOCs (like Krakua).

There was also Jovan as a combiner model, if that counts.

Prexisting G1 colors brought into G2, such as the dark shades of colors.
Expansion of the "new" colors, burnt orange, azure, bright green and keetorange. And maybe purple.
More trans bones.
The spontaneous combustion of the silver bone piece molds.
Varied influences from different cultures.
Revelation that the Mask of Ultimate Power unlocked the evil god Teridax from his sleep.
Ekimu forging the mask of time to seal him away the following year.
Takanuva and Vezon fighting each other in the background.
A legit BIONICLE videogame.
More characters, with names.


Yo Yo Piraka



gets killed by a flying burrito

Some of the old characters back, mostly the Inika.

I love the Inika.


I want it NOT to be like '05. Set-wise, at least. Also, MOAR CLIP-ONS


1.Makuta returns with both Mask of Control and The Mask of Shadows + The Mask of Ultimate Control.

2.Takanuva,Jovan,Krakua,Zaria,Orde, & Chiara shows up on Okoto as Mysterious Senties to help The Toa Masters.

3.Rahkshi returns as The Raptors.

4.Bring Mata Blue,Reddish-Brown,Dark Green,Dark Blue,Orange,Lime,ect to as new colors.

5.Six new Legendary Masks that controls a Toa Powers with it's energy like Mask of Hope,Mask of Wisdom,Mask of Braved,Mask of Joyness,Mask of Peace, & Mask of Healing.

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I would like for the fans to stop worrying and complaining about the story which is only just beginning.


I uh, I'd also like more add ons...


More worldbuilding
More aztec influences
More animations; hopefully longer and more frequent with more than one VA
Proper names

More detail pieces
More villager mask variety
Makuta set with Mask of Control
More experimentation with the build
Proper titans

First wave with older villains returning, such as the Rahkshi, even if they're called "Snakeheads" or something.

Second wave with more new villains like the skull guys; hopefully less... underwhelming.

I doubt we'll be getting any Toa Teams other than the Mata/Masters unless Bionicle does end up going past the three year plan. If we do, though, I'd prefer the Mahri - Same characters, but much less ugly.


- Deeper, darker, storytelling; even if it isn't mainstream.
- Okoto online game. Hopefully with stats, skills, and combat.
- Full-length comics or a decent TV show. I don't expect both, and I am ok with that. Even just one of these would be good, especially if the TV show was on par with something like Clone Wars, or if we get comics in the style of Gen1.

- Decent villain sets. stuck_out_tongue They would benefit from a more uniform look IMO. Not necessarily clone sets, but something like how uniform the Phantoka Makuta looked while not being the same.
- Some good combiners to make Rahi and Kaita.
- More CCBS-Technic blended models.
- True titan sets, with unconventional colors.
- Impulse purchase sized packs similar to the Gen1 mask packs or the Gen2 March polybag.
- System sets would be great. I would LOVE to have the Mask Makers Forge as a set! Fully articulated Bionicle minifigs would also be amazing to have again.

- More Bionicle themed pieces like the armor cover.
- Recolored pieces. IDK how often I have needed a certain shape, but it only came in colors that conflicted with my MOC.
- Appropriate use of metallic and translucent pieces. (closer to Gen1 or even Gen2 Wave1, but NOT like Gen2 Wave2)
- Gimmicky, collectible projectiles! I loved the kanoka soooo much! I like the stud launchers, but nothing says Bionicle like large projectiles to knock each other around with. stuck_out_tongue