What do you want to see in Bionicle 2015

  • Reboot
  • Soft Reboot
  • Continuation

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This is the be-all end-all topic! Bionicle 2015! Do you want it to be a continuation of the story, be a soft reboot, or a full reboot?

Continuation: The story continues right where it left off in 2010.
Soft Reboot: The story opens years later on Spherus Magna, so the previous continuity still applies but isn’t really relevant to the story.
Reboot: The story is a full do-over, starting from the ground up.

This poll is only for what you want to see, not what you think will actually happen. But I am interested in seeing what you guys think will happen, too! Discuss below.


So for the people who vote continuation, what makes you think it is one?

Seems like the people who vote reboot were the fastest to see this post. Hmm…


Hands down.


I’m 100% reboot, all the way.


A soft reboot seems like the best of both worlds to me. New fans won’t need to catch up, but old fans will appreciate seeing their favorite characters continue their adventures.


I voted continuation, not because I think 2015 will be one, but because I think it would be cool. I mean, it would be like Bionicle never ended, and only took a hiatus. However based on some pretty solid evidence (eg. Toa of Jungle) I beleive 2015 will be a full reboot.


me gusta le reboot
I want it I like the idea of a do over allows more people to join in without being to confused

I did really consider that but there’s just so many mistakes that Bionicle made that I’m hoping a reboot will let them rectify.

What are some mistakes you have in mind?

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Full on reboot, all the way. I feel like with all the dimension hopping, the original story got too convoluted.

I chose soft reboot.
If I said why, I would go on a long spiel about the Evangelion movies.

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The biggest one is limiting genders to elements. That’s the kind of thing that can’t really be fixed outside of a reboot.


Yeah, I guess so. That one doesn’t bother me personally but I have seen a lot of complaints about it. Though, maybe if a soft reboot focused more on characters from Bara Magna, the issue could be sidestepped?

Hard reboot all day err’day. I don’t really trust Lego to do a soft reboot considering the butchery that was 2009.

A continuation… I don’t think would be best for the brand at this juncture. Even if it DID end up being a continuation, fans are going to be disappointed either way because the serials would totally be retconned as being non-canon. There’s no way, realistically speaking, BIONICLE 2.0 will open with the “Gold skinned being” and “Velika” being the main villains, despite everyone’s wishes to the contrary.



That’s my other thing: personally, I dislike the Bara Magna characters. My thing with them is that they didn’t really add anything to Bionicle. The Glatorian and Agori are just the Matoran and the Toa without elemental powers or Kanohi. They don’t have anything that really makes them worthwhile additions to the story. So a story that focused more on characters on Bara Magna would definitely be something I wouldn’t want to see.

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I want a continuation because I want some stuff answered. (ex. what happened to Lewa?) It could act like a reboot. So maybe a mixture of both.

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Hm, they were pretty boring. Though I liked the idea that the Matoran and Toa had non-artificial precursors, especially because it would lead to tension now that they’re all living together. The conflict between artificial life and non-artificial life has made for some great stories in the past (like Blade Runner), and I think it might be interesting to see Bionicle go there. So I guess what I’m saying is that if the story went in this direction, the Bara Magnans might get more interesting as we see them react to their “superior” artificial counterparts. Though, tbh, I’m just spit-balling at this point. :stuck_out_tongue:


Soft Reboot. It makes the past relevant, while keeping a new story that anyone can pick up.


I agree concerning a continuation, but I think, as far as a soft reboot goes, the 2015 scenario is substantially different than the 2009 one, because it would have to be a time skip rather than a parallel story. I think having characters who are already established will help a lot. It also (hopefully) won’t run into the problem of not having much of a payoff due to getting cancelled.

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