What does the mask of Creation do?

Our best 1st guess would be Creating, but what magic it has what kind of untold power would it have, now put down what kind of untold power it might have besides with creation when Lego pointed out that untold powers and Magic, Solid gold.


The Mask of Creation allows its user to imagine a completed product from raw materials and learn how to construct it. It can also create an object if the user is already aware of how that object can be made.
The Mask of Creation is one of the three most powerful Kanohi in existence. As such, if the Mask of Creation is destroyed while inside the Matoran Universe, the beings within would lose the ability to create new things. It is impossible to create a Great, Noble, or Matoran version of the Mask of Creation, as a weaker mask would not be able to contain the power within itself.
The Kanohi Vahi, Kanohi Ignika and Mask of Creation are of the same power level because Time, Life and Creation are equal fundamental forces of the Matoran Universe.

we already know what it does, maybe change discussion to why the toa are searching for it?


The Mask of Creation - does exactly what it says on the tin

maybe but the Artakha, is that the name cause I just read about Artakha and it said it’s the Mask of creation but there was no image for the Artakha but an image of the mask of creation. is that the name of the mask that we see today? The Artakha

Huh? Artahka is the guy who wears the mask. The same way that the Hau isn’t called the Tahu

oh sorry it kind of sounded like a mask but I know what a Hau is and I wouldn’t even think Tahu was even a name of a mask

Artakha isn’t just a being he’s like Mata Nui as in a location I thought I knew that name from somewhere

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uhhh what?

yea we are now dealing with a bieng that is an Island, the island of Artakha the of the mask of creation ownerhttp://bionicle.wikia.com/wiki/Artakha_(Location)

No, Artahka, the being who wears the mask, lives on the island called Artahka. It’s named after it’s ruler

artahka is a being
he has a pimpin island named artahka
and wears the mask of creation
thats about it

oh ok but when we see the mask of creation, do you believe we might see what Artahka will look like, like what we did with Mata Nui in 2008 or 2009? Like we already know what the mask now looks like.

probs summer wave sort of deal

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I just saw artahka’s Brother Karzahni and on the TTV podcast had a picture with Karzahni’s mask. Will we get him as a set I know he’s dead but would we since we might learn about Karzahni? like some sort of back story between Karzahni and Artahka. And is Karzahni the reason that the skull spiders has a mask for? And might bring him back?

actually never mind I just saw him as a set from 2007

that’s the first time that I ever saw Karzahni as a set he looks so cool


I don’t know what the power is but I’m leaning towards creation. What I mean is that it can just create life out of thin air. It would be cool is that The Lord of skull kraata is search for it to make an army of skull kraata to invade bara magma (forgot the spelling) and that it will see a time skip like maybe 1000 years after the destruction of teridax and maybe the toas could use that mask to help revive mata nui(?) and will also need to search for the mask to stop the lord of skull kraata.

(Bara Magna) yea and I don’t know if Teridax will be revived or if he’s even dead cause he’s a Spirit but I like to see more where the series is taking us but with Makuta I don’t know if the fight is about him

Theres no rule that says they have to include Artahka. And even though its likely, the mask of creation doesn’t have to have exactly the same powers as on the old story. One interesting theory is that the story team had an idea of what the mask of creation was going to be. But then the story ended and when it was resurrected, they designed something completely different from the hypothetical original mask.


By my recollection, wasn’t the Great Being about to kill Artahka anyway as the story stopped?

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WAIT!!! So if the Ignika creates life and the Mask of Creation creations objects…

Artakha wears the mask of creation…
and not the mask of life.

Artahka made the Toa mata… (if A=b and B=c then A=… uh oh)

The Toa Mata don’t actually Live?!?!?!