What goldfish flavor is the best?

Goldfish, the snack that smiles back while you end it’s existence. They’re delicious. Everybody either does or should love them. They can be salty, or sweet, but only one flavor can be the best. So which is it?

I personally like the originals best with the purple ones as a close second. Overall I just don’t the sweet ones nearly as much. They’re really just over glorified fish shaped Graham crackers.

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The classic, or the cheddar flavor blasted.

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goldfish are butt imo

Pretzel and white cheddar are pretty get but as much as I hate to admit it, I actually enjoy the smore one

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I enjoyed the pizza-flavored ones iirc; haven’t had goldfish in a long time.

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I only enjoy the cheddar blasted ones if it’s in tandem with the pretzel kind.

The pretzel ones are just taste like pretzels to me. And can you not quote spoilers?

They have pizza flavored goldfish?


I don’t eat goldfish

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The cheddar blasted ones and the original ones are S tier quality imo


Ah, a fellow man of culture I see.

Fresh out of the water


Yo true

Pretzel and Xtra Cheddar mix. Two best flavors in one carton.

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Ohhhhh yeah that stuff is amazing

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Pizza and Cheddar are the only correct answers to this–Original can go in the garbage, where it belongs.

I have spoken.

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