What happened on Bota Magna?

In the canon story of bionicle...the story begins on Aqua magna, and ends on Spherus Magna after the THREE celestial bodies are reunited by Mata Nui himself, the entire story that we know takes place on TWO of the celestial bodies, Aqua Magna, and Bara Magna......So.....WHAT HAPPENED ON BOTA MAGNA!!!??


apparently Vorox stayed sentient and an insane great being was imprisoned on there. Otherwise Robot dinosaurs


Really, I figured they're would be something more?

Well they're allied with Velika....

Okay, thats a start..

Otherwise whatever else's on Bota Magna is within Greg Farshtey's mind, and there's no story before the destruction of the tower at the very end of the serials

We need to figure that out, I bet thats what the continuation was going to be.

it was planned that we go into Bota Magna, but then G1 got cancelled

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I knew it, thats a plot hole as far as I know.

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Bota Magna Killed Makuta in the final battle based on the comics


wasn't it Aqua Magna?


It's interesting because as far as we know, at the end of Bionicle, there were dinosaurs wandering around on Sphereus Magna.

Ayyyyeee. G+ Homeboy In teh house!


I'm pretty sure in the comics It was Bota Magna. I'll check my collection tomorrow

Yes it was Aqua Magna that killed Teridax, Bota Magna was just there.

I'm pretty positive it was Bota, but whatevs m8.

this is ripe with story potential, could have been awesome


I'll get the rope and the torture devices....

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yes i do recall


bota magna had no effect to the story it was mostly bara and aqua magna. bota magna was good for one reason: being behind makuta so that mata nui could slam makutas head into it.

Bota Magna really had no impact on BIONICLE's story, with a few exceptions

  • It contained the prison an insane Great Being was held in
  • It was inhabited by special, intelligent Vorox
  • It was the place Vezon teleported Helryx, Miserix, Tuyet, Lewa, Hafu, Kapura, Axonn, Brutaka, and Artakha to during Teridax's reign
  • It was supposedly going to be the setting for the sequel to The Legend Reborn, following Mata Nui and co. as they encounter Biomechanical lizards
  • It was used to kill Makuta