What if all the MoC's?

I didn’t want to post this during active voting and also wasn’t done with them at that time, but here’s a gallery of every unique Mask of Creation I could count made for the contest redrawn by me. A lot of these were done over the course of several 5 ams, but I think it turned out well as a set.

Here they are in high-speed form



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Could you slow that down a bit?

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I have no idea how to do that in Clip Studio Paint, but the gallery has every individual frame in case you were searching for a specific entry.

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Oh, thanks! @Perpetual maybe you could make each image multiple frames.

this is my canon Mask of Creation now. Just cycling through versions every second, because it is impossible to sum up creative energy in one shape.


If you just look at the top, It looks like a spinning claw

This looks like a “screenshot to select your weapon” gif

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I like the gallery since you’re drawing every single Mask of Creation. Seeing all the different and unique shapes of each mask from that angle is really cool.

Just out of curiosity, where is the Mask of Creation I designed cause I don’t see it in the gallery.


I wanted to highlight the ones created during the run of the contest specifically. Your design has been around for a year or so at current time, so people know it basically from all angles (that profile pic is definitely picking up any slack if they don’t). Even past this contest regardless of winner, your mask is going to be there. I guess a part of me just wanted to shine a light anyone I could.
That said, yours does show up in part with the variants Dog and TidyVisorak did of the mask. Its not one to one, but your presence is there from a certain point of view as it were.

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That Gif is giving me Rap God Vibes. :joy:

Thank you so much for this, the fact I just got a 3D print of my mask too today.

Though sadly the Imgur site isn’t working :C
The problem in question:


You drew my mask so much better than how I did it! It won’t be canon by a long shot but I WILL get it 3d printed! Thank you so much you are a wonderful artist!


Wow, really great work. You included ToothyDumb mask, even we he didn’t enter in the polls.

You also make my mask looks great. Thanks for that.


Question: do you have a social media because I want to tag you on Twitter or Instagram.

That was a fantastic idea of yours, and an equally fantastic execution. Allows me to once again appreciate all the work and thought put into designing each of these masks by many different talented people. You can see how each one of them is different, yet still fits its wearer. Kudos to you and all contest participants who designed their own masks!


I’m Perp3tual_Music on Twitter, still figuring out Instagram. My Artahka topic has the Twitter post buried in the comments.


Agreed. I like the idea that, similar to the Ignika, the MoC can change form.


Same. That’s my head canon. I also like to imagine that users of the mask of creation can change their appearances to an extent. I like to imagine that several of the Artakha MOCS that didn’t win the contest are also canon.


I envisioned the side things a bit more like teeth, sorta like parts of a skakdi grin, but aside from that minor nitpick, I love this redrawing of my mask design. It is so awesome to see my work recreated by someone who is actually good at art, and I highly appreciate it.

10/10, would like again if I could.


:musical_note: “What about me…” :musical_note:

Jk, this is actually really cool. :stuck_out_tongue:
(Very impressive to finish it so quickly too)