What if?

so you might be wondering what this topic is about…
basically imagine having to choose between gali and kopaka as a first bionicle and you get kopaka, what if you got gali? how would that change everything?
basically we will ask what if questions like the one above and the first person to answer gets to ask a question and I want this to go one for a while
its a bit like a chain, what if question then answer and that will continue till this topic is unseen and unloved

first question
What if BZpower never existed?

try to only answer once the first answer must ask the next question


Well, we probably would not be here, a lot of Bionicle fans would probably not be fans anymore. Heck Bionicle might not even have been rebooted!

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cough you need to add the what if question at the end cough


If I got Kopaka first. My second totally would have been Gali. Then I would have gotten the rest all in one day.

Well here’s why…

My first Bionicle set… (was from McDonalds, but I don’t say it too often because 1. It’s a promo. 2. I didn’t connect it with anything until 2003.)
…was Pohatu.

My second set was Tahu.

And then my parents surprised me and got the rest all in one night :slight_smile:

When I played with them… (in my defense I was 4-5) …Gali was a guy and… Kopaka was, well, the girl…

And my Question is:

What if Kopaka and all the
Ko-Matoran were female instead of the Ga-Matoran?

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If BZPower was never created the top BIONICLE fan site would be Mask of Destiny. We wouldn’t have other sites like this one and CBW because some of the major contributors originated from BZP.

okay you arent getting this are you? that was a example not the actual question

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Are you talking to me or collector?

you lol

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Oh, oops…
But hey :wink:

still good answer you did do better then thegecko
uhm no offence to thegecko

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Here’s my what if question: What if some of the Great Beings had created an all powerful mask witch would make the wearer Omnipotent, leaving it somewhere just to see the chaos that ensued?

sorry about that.

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When he places the mask on is he everywhere at once at all times or just everywhere at once during the flow of time?

I assume you’re asking me… Anyways> When this all powerful mask is used, the wearer’s energy is linked with time, space, and every living thing. Meaning that they feel anything that’s happening, has happened, or is going to happen. sanctimoniously they can be anywhere, in any universe they know of, as well as being able to create a new universe/dimension/creature/person/or ANYTHING they want to make. As well as being able to sense all life, as in the span, power, and location of all life forms. The only drawback of this mask, is that the wearer’s body would die in a matter of days (Like 3) due to the god like powers running through it. Unless a user of the mask can make another body, and transfer their soul and mind over, they die. Now the great beings had made it possible to destroy this mask, as well as setting up safety protocols so that it can’t create/destroy/do something that would kill or injure them.

One of the Great Beings would have placed on the mask and taking over and oversee everything how he wished to and he would make sure his reign was unstoppable. (The masked you described is to irresistible for any mortal.)

My question:

What if Nidihki lived during the fight of The Battle of the Great Cataclysm. For example when Krekha was told to get Nidihki, he just pushed Nidihki off and jumped alone into Makuta’s shadow hand.

Then Nidihki falls very far off, laying unconscious for the entire battle.

He would have went against Roodaka’s Visorak hordes since she mutated him.

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Ah snap! I could see some sort of redemption arc from that. What about you?

If my first Bionicle set was Kopaka, I probably wouldn’t be here right now… as in I would have choked on the pieces because I was only a year old in 2001.

What if the events of 2006 and onwards were just the would-be Toa Inika’s coma-induced fantasies caused by being struck by the red star?

Then a lot of Creepypastas would look like they copied Bionicle.

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What if this cool topic never died?

If BZPower never existed, there would be less controversy, and the TTV Message Boards would probably the the dominant forum site for Bionicle…

@Rac Then the would would die.

Then it would have died later on, similar to the “Yes or No” game.

What if @IllustriousVar never came back to TTV?