"what is a BIONICLE fan?"

after reading through the “what should we call BIONICLE fans?” topic, I proposed a question (see title), and decided that it deserved a topic,
it’s a good question to ask,
and I think it give us all a better idea of what what it is to be a BIONICLE fan.


Someone that has a vested interest in BIONICLE.


I guess anyone who is very interested in the storyline or has bought the sets


I am probably the epitome of Bionicle fans.
I’d say “if you want to know what a Bionicle fan is, look at me”, but that’s kinda hard to do over the internet.

Being a fan means to be interested in something not just play with something. For example: If you wath few episodes of Transformers series it doen’t mean you are a TS fan… When you hear a Miley Cyrus song in radio it doesn’t mean you are her fan.

You are fan of something when you spend most of your free time to watching/listening/playing to/with that.

So Bionicle fan is not only the person that bought few bonkle sets years ago… No it’s someone who has them in heart forever.


probably one of the best answers that could be given.

I think a BIONICLE fan is invested in the characters and story more-so or equal to the sets, because if someone only got the sets with no story they would be a constraction fan more-so than a BIONICLE fan.

basically, what you said.

Everyone has their own opinions or ideals for things such as this. Sure maybe someone might share or have similar views, but one could say “Bionicle fans own ALL the sets!” or “I own all comic books and know all the serials, I’m a true Bionicle fan!”

Over all, I still stand by my opinion

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I actually started this to get peoples opinions, and I agree with your point completely.

being a completionist isn’t a requirement to be a fan of something.


This sounds like it will be a,

“You know you’re a Bonkle fan when ______” :stuck_out_tongue:

which may be the fastest topic derail in history, if it happens soon.

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A bionicle fan is someone who found the toys and grew with them. They became a part of that world, and stuck with it when it seemed gone.

In short, a bionicle fan is us.


A Bionicle fan to me is someone who has an interest in the story and buys the sets. That would be a basic fan but some people take it even further.


Sure you could just say someone who likes bionicle but honestly we just can’t classify bionicle fans by a set of specifications there are many different types of fans. MOCers, collectors, story buffs, ecc. By that logic the question “what is a BIONICLE fan?” is inherently flawed. Even then making different classes still wouldn’t make it work since there are some like myself that are a mix of all parts of the fandom. I’ve explained this on a few different sites mostly about doctor who and what a fan of doctor who is and really its the same reason there’s no real answer to “What is a human being?” sure it means your human but it really goes deeper than that. But in the end there is no right and wrong a singular bionicle fan is just that “A” bionicle fan that person likes it for there own reasons.


I agree with that. There are too many ways to be a fan to nail down a nice, clean, specific definition. A “technical” way to put it would be this:

A Bionicle fan is a person who has an interest in one or more aspects of the Bionicle franchise.

That’s so vague as to be almost useless, but such is the problem of defining a complex thing. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I completly disagree. The story isn’t the only way people can be captivated by Bionicle. That would be absurd to think

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No lifers who live in a basement sleeping with a Roodaka pillow.


I didn’t say only,
I meant that the story is an integral part of why bionicle still has such dedicated fans,
because without the story all you have is cool buildable robots,
that wouldn’t have lasted ten years, because fans wouldn’t get invested in anything.

I didn’t intend for it to sound like the story was the only reason people would like bionicle, but it’s one of the reasons why they kept liking it after it ended.

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Exactly. I probably would never have bought Zesk because it was a cool set; I got it so I could have Zesk attack my Agori.

A big W is what a bionicle fan looks like? :smiley:

Well, here’s a quick description of my room: Bionicle blankets on the bed, a large shelf covered with tubs full of Bionicle (and Lego) pieces(organized by color), while beneath that are bigger tubs full of Bionicle sets and unorganized pieces. In the corner is a workbench covered with Bionicles. In another corner is a table covered with HF sets and some Bionicles (I call it my HF corner). And bookshelves and a dresset, but those aren’t Lego-related.

When I get bored, I might think about a story (often Bionicle), or I might start listing facts about Bionicle. When on the computer and not on the internet(on Bionicle sites like this), playing Minecraft, doing school, or writing books, I list Bionicle events, categorize characters by masks or elements (I’m big on organizing information). I occasionally quote Bionicle, and on rare occasions, I catch myself writing/speaking treespeak. So, yeah, my life revolves around Bionicle, and I didn’t get into much else until Bionicle ended.

Come to think of it, I’m not a Bionicle fan; I’m a Bionicle radical.