What is the oddest thing in the Pokemon universe

By which I mean bizarre Pokedex entries, gender discrepancies of what a Pokemon looks like and contradictions like how you can breed Cubone's and it will always be born with a skull and crying over its dead mother even though you breed it with its mother who is very much alive or Azurill's 1 in 3 chance of a gender bend when it evolves into Marill in pre Gen6 games. That sort of thing

Oddish is pretty odd.


The fact that society is built and maintained around sending 10 year old school children out into the world by themselves so they can capture wild animals and force them to battle for profit.


at least its cute

animals that might I add are reincarnated humans and have superpowers according to some in universe stuff. I still think PETA are getting their panties all in a bunch for no reason though..


Escape ropes are pretty strange


How there appears to be a severe lack of government or authorities. Who makes the laws? I guess the legions of Officer Jenny's do, but they aren't doing a very good job at enforcing them. The lack of efficient law enforcement lets organized crime groups spring up constantly.

But on the plus side, that means we get some sweet theme songs from their bosses and inner ringleaders.


I mean all the games are basically the same when one thinks about it. I guess they allow 11 year olds to enforce the law with supercharged superanimals

But man are they useful

Gender differences in pokemon resulting in different traits like Heart Tails for Pikachu and such

I never understood that.


Some real animals have similar gender differences. No clue why Pikachu has to have that specific feature though.

I don't get the gender ratio on some Pokemon (Male Lopunny's? Female Mr. Mime's? Genderless Magerana?)

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Ditto, everything about ditto

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This is true, I have so many questions on how Ditto works

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Meowth can speak in perfect (Insert language).

Pokemon in general are shown (in the anime only with the exceptions of Chatot and MewTwo) that they can talk like humans under specific circumstances and we even see the Pokemon talk to each other in (language here) albeit in a way that only they (and the audience of course) will understand among themselves.

there's also that one bit in the 20th anime movie where Pikachu starts talking out of nowhere to Ash as they are gravely injured. It's a female in that continuity...

Mimiku, just, in general. Still my favorite though.

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poor baby ;.;

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Porygon based soley on concept. Think about it: It is a digital pokemon that can exist in real life and cyberspace. Why don't we have more of these pokemon? Get working on it gamefreak.

Also because I am a funny guy:

Come on Gamefreak, give Porygon-z a mega evolution.

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even odder is Porygon Z. In fiction it's stated to have been created by pure accident and is a faulty Pokemon....yet it's a pretty good Pokemon to use and like all Porygon's, a bunch of them exist yet their Pokedex's act like there are only one of each ala the Legendary's you can get in the newer gens being multiples of what are canonically supposed to be one of a kind Pokemo


The fact the Gardevoir which is CLEARLY humanoid can’t breed with that egg group

I would say this guy.

But really it’s only odd-ish

Gags that’s bad.

Wait! what am i saying! Any joke about the great and mighty oddish must be great!