What Is The Rarest BIONICLE Mask You Own?

probably silver ignika or iruni and lhikans masks lol

A mata-green matau!

IT’s amusing going through this and seeing people say things like $5 is really expensive for mask. Nowadays, That’s cheap for anything other than a standard set mask. Mask set masks are usually starting at that price, and go well above it (Especially if it’s a Hau, or worse, one of the Kaukaus)

My rarest Mask is that trans Neon Green skull mask from one of the Comic Cons. I’m glad I picked it off of bricklink when I did.

Other rare ones I own are all the misprint Rurus (With doubles on the red and Blue) Three of the misprint Matatus. A gold and orange vahi. Nothing really special, otherwise.

One mask I wish I could get my hands on would be the yellow Ruru. The Ruru is my favorite ask, and yellow is my favorite colour. I’ll just have to suffice with painting one, I guess.


The green mis-printed matatu
and the ‘movie style’ krakkaan


I just found out that my red ruru is worth a lot of money, and I’m quite happy about it.


I have the silver Ignika and the glittery Avhokii. Not sure which is rarer, but i don’t have the sets they come with so…

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