What is your exotic BIONICLE?

Hello guys! I’m a new member of TTV channel.

Now I am Sooo excited. because TTV is my first overseas site
that I’ve ever subscribed to :smiley:

So, I want to know about- your personal exotic bionicle!
Maybe you guys know what the pictures are,
They are ‘Piraka combiner set 1 and 2’ of Korea!
(you may have seen the phrase in the photo of the package-피라카 합체세트)

If you have or know your special-bionicle, please tell me your secret.
And… I apologize for the writing that seems unnatural,
In fact, I’m using internet translator to write any word… :face_with_monocle:

I’ll see you guys later, Thank you!



The one on the left is missing the golden Thok spine, which would identify him as the character ‘Irnakk’, but I’ve never seen the second combiner before, nor have I seen his set box (I’ve seen the left one’s set box before).

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eljay reviewed both of them.
2006 combo model video.


It’s accurately built for the Korean Piraka combos


I don’t have any overseas-exclusive Bionicles, but I parted out this Takua and it all came in recently. McToran pieces are getting real expensive.


How similar is the build of the red one?

The difference appears to just be the shoulder blades and hands/weapons.

Me and @Eilrach don’t have any super exotic sets, only the Kardas Dragon, as in it has the instructions for the dragon, so it is supposed to be built as Kardas and not the 3 component sets.


Thank you for your welcome!
In fact, structure of the blue combiner is 100% consistent with Irnakk,
only the existence of golden Thok spine is different… :frowning:

And, I can find the photos of the package on google and Korean web sites.
but unfortunately, the red one’s package picture is not existence with high quality.

@GoodGuy2006 Thanks for your useful information!
I really surprised from review is existence.

@KDNX I agree with that, McToran is too expensive now.
They are very cute, but their prices are not :frowning:

@Eilrach Its both hands and shoulder structures are slightly different from Irnakk’s.
Another structures are same with Irnakk’s!

@Axelford Kardas Dragon is amazing combiner that I’m falling in love at a glance!
It is combiner, but I think Kardas is enough to see as a single product, not as just combiner.

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Mine would probably be Klakk. Not super exotic, but quite nice.


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Well, I wouldn’t necessarily call them exotic, but I do own the McToran Hewki, Macku, and Kongu.

just got a notification that bioknight tagged me an i was like uh oh
but then i figured it out


I would say my exotic set would be the Tahtorak dragon but he technically wasn’t actual set but a canonized fan model sooooo

Also I hope you’ve mentally prepared for these boards, it can get kinda ugly at times.

Fire Slizer.

/s He’s so exotic, he isn’t even a Bionicle!

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Yeah only if you get involved in the canon contest topics, I’ve only been here a year and it seems pretty chill besides those debates.

To stay on topic, thinking of it my Jungle Slizer with original cardboard box is kind of exotic.


Aw man, I still need to buy my first Throwbot/Slizer, I’m considering Ski/Ice heavily, although I really like Millennium Slizer too… :thinking:


Ice is one of the most well rounded Slizer, he’s got a lot of character but then again he doesn’t have as many cool parts. If you buy Millennium do bike mode as apparently the figure version has trouble posing.


Yeah that’s what I was thinking too, I’m a fan of motorcycles and stuff so I’d probably have it that way, thanks for the advice!


i personally like torch

truly exotic