What is your favorite/least favorite color scheme(s)

Here I would like to know what everyone's favorite and least favorite color schemes, and if you don't have one then you can just say your favorite color stuck_out_tongue

I personally really like bright schemes like orange&lime or light blue&white.

I really hate black and silver(all silver with another color is acceptable for me) and I don't like seeing multiple browns being mixed.

My favorite color overall would have to be red! Which is very ironic seeing that I have no moc in that color, and I mostly wear blue smile

That's just my thoughts, what's yours?


I really like when people use azure. Oh and one I plan on using is Trans dark blue (Like th 01 Kaukau) and Keet-orange they look cool together.


Favorite(s): Keetorange-and-black and black-and-gunmetal-and/or-silver (go ahead, lynch me, I can take it.)

Least Favorite(s): Keetorange-mixed-with-anything-other-than-black (on most occasions).


Lime green and orange is my favorite. least favorite is silver and black.


Amen brother!

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IDK what people have against silver and black; it looks fine IMO.

Probably my favorite color schemes would be black and lime-green, gunmetal and dark grey, and orange and white.

Least favorite would be Keetorange and regular yellow, tan and white, and anything with more than 3 main colors.


I dunno if I have a favorite/least favorite. I think it depends on how it's pulled off.


Brown and tan, but also gunmetal and orange.

Least favorite, Black and red. While I do think the colors are fine themselves, it is way to overused on many villain sets.


Least favorite:

Red and Black: Basically every My Little Pony OC ever.
Anything with purple: Purple is a good highlight but not a primary color.
Black and White (For the most part): LAZY


Green and White: Awwwww yeah....
Red, White, and Blue: When not on a flag poll its great.
Lime green and grey: I might be the only person ever who liked lewa 08's color scheme.


My favorite is black with most trans colors, and my least favorite is any shade of blue with any shade of orange. Or really just any color besides silver/white/black with orange.

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Least favorite:
Black and silver... JUST black and silver
New Purple and Red
Dark blue, blue, red, and yellow
Teal and red
ANYTHING with lots of translucent color
Gold and Yellow
Orange and blue

Teal and black
Medium azure, light grey, and black
Trans light blue, white, and black
Orange and gunmetal
Yellow, Teal, and Grey (VERY 90's)
Yellow, white, medium blue, and black
Green and black
Grey and yellow.

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Whats wrong with it when it's on a flag poll? Anyways my favorite is probably azure with black. Least favorite? I don't really have one. The only color scheme I don't like is one that is not pulled off well.

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The fact that it is on a poll rather than a pole.


Favorite- green and black
Least fav- contrasting bright colors( except rainbows)

Thank ye, Chronicler. I completely agree with ye here.

My least favorite color schemes are ones with too many colors in them.


Red and green because christmas
Not really, I like red and green because it's like roses in a garden

I'm not sure I have a legitimate answer for either...

I like pretty much any colorscheme, assuming it's pulled off well, however my eye tends to be drawn to those with desaturated base colors and bright/neon/transparent accents.

Case and point; I really liked how the colors on this moc came out.


i like a mix of dark and trans colors.

Disliked colors: Green Lantern Green, Sand Blue

Disliked color schemes: Anything with more than three colors, anything (with the exception of the Bohrok Kal and Duncan Bulk) that has more Metallic pieces than regular colored ones.

Favorite colors: Green, Teal, Purple

Favorite color schemes: Metru Blue and Lime, Black and Keetorange, Purple and Teal, Metru Green and Purple, Metru Green and Sand Green, Metru Red and Mata Green. Also White with any cool color works rather well.