What Kanohi-Mask would you have/make

I am a little shocked that this wasn't created yet. If you could make or have a mask which one would you pick and what powers would you have? I would have something that looks similar too the Vahi, but I would control space instead of time.


I would probably make something which could allow you to be super perceptive, and have a very detailed photographic memory. Basically, I wanna make a Sherlock mask. I would call it the Great Kanohi Graan, and it would look like a sort of fusion of the kanohi Akaku and the kanohi Huna, if you can picture that. Probably not... but still.


Oh man, like...

Any elemental mask. Garai proves that they're possible.

Probably the Vahi, being able to control time would be the most practical and useful power gained from a Kanohi mask.

Mask that can make cheese burgers out of thin air.


I would take your idea to the "next level" with the Kanohi Tardis, it's able to travel anywhere in time and space.
And it's blue! Who doesn't like blue?


The Rode. You can't lie to me.


I think he's saying to make up your own mask and stuff.

In that case, a mask that controls Space-Time. Oh, you want me dead? Well it's hard to kill me from Jupiter.


Well if I had to make up my own I guess I'd create a Kanohi of Invisibility + Time control. You can't go wrong with both powers in one.

Probably a Matatu, because then I could pick up people and throw them into their own traps without being put in harm's way. In the shape of a Mata Kakama.

That and I would retain my manliness and personality (which I might lose if I was a Ce-Matoran instead.)

I would make it look similar to a Pakari, but the power would be mind control.

Faxon. That's what I would wear, and on my self moc

There's already a mind control mask. Onewa's.

Faxon: Mask of every true FeMOC

How about a mask that creates M&M's out of thin air?


Just thought of a good one...
A mask that makes the wearer have Brooklyn Rage
Also a mask that let's you spew rainbows from your eyes

Red Kakama with the mask power of Teleportation.

That sounds really cool, and blue is a great color, but I prefer purple myself. smile