What Kind of Force User Would You Be?

Of all the kinds of Force Users, which would you be?
The types most commonly mentioned are

  • Jedi
  • Dark Jedi
  • Gray Jedi (tends towards the light)
  • Gray Jedi (tends towards the dark)
  • Sith
  • Inquisitor

Gray and Dark Jedi are not affiliated with the order.

BTW, I'd be a Gray Jedi, tending to the light.


Gray Jedi, towards the dark. I'm a bit too pessimistic to stick with the Jedi, though I think I could stick with them for a while before falling away. I just think that the whole "shun your feelings" thing is dumb.


I agree.
But I'd be more like Ahsoka is.
Maybe even with those awesome white lightsabers...

I would probably...be a sith, honestly. The Jedi are way too controlling of everything.

Nothing other then the force? What about Love, anger, fear, ambition?


Well then, see ya!



You do realize that if you don't want to follow the Jedi code, it doesn't mean you have to be a Sith.
The other things aren't affiliated with the order.

I would be a gray Jedi tending towards the dark side, or a Sith. I don't like the idea of shunning your feelings, and the dark side has some pretty cool, useful, and downright powerful abilities.

I could be a grey Jedi of some sort.

(But the Jedi order can screw off)

Jedi. I'm boring.


But people, really.
Gray and Dark Jedi ARE NOT affiliated with the order, and don't follow any codes, it's just that Dark Jedi are dark side users who don't follow the Sith code, and Gray Jedi just do their own thing.

inquisitors, the dark hunters of star wars, count me in


Jedi. Plain old pure hearted.

grey jedi, probably light

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Jedi Sentinel, from the old cannon.
Instead of being only a nameless temple guard, I would be a nameless temple guard with a lightsaber of my own desing (though still yellow bladed) and go on top secret missions given to me by the high council.

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Hardcore Jedi advocate

If I had an ability on par with the force, it is my responsability to follow order and preset rules to prevent an abuse of such power. Grey jedi claim to do away with many flaws of the order, but they lack some inhibitions that make a peacekeeper effective as a result.

It would appear that, some Jedi at least can become immortal, so that I guess, since it seems like fair return for banishing emotion, although come to think of it, Anakin pulled that off without being a tempered recluse all his life, so I would probably be a Jedi, then become a sith appprentice, help my master kill all but one Jedi, then kill my master and save the day and die heroically and be immortal lol

I think it should be just in entertainment, because of the fact that this pulls heavily from the books and a bit from the TV shows.

Gray Jedi

Gray towards light.

I'd probably be a grey jedi that leans towards the light

I'd rather not be extreme light or extreme dark as both have their advantages and disadvantages, though sith a bit more so, force corruption's no fun

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