What made Hero Factory GREAT?


I enjoyed the new system and parts, and how they barely broke unlike the old parts. Story was decent, could of been better. The mini-figures from invasion from below were also really well done.


Agreed…I have plenty of the mini-figs…looks in drawer Hey! Evo! why is your hand broken!

@RaptorTalon19 what wave of hero factory was your favorite?

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Breakout…followed by IFB and savage planet…

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I really like CCBS. :\ That’s about it.

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That is good…I like CCBS…cuz all my Bionicle parts are from the 1.0 sets…so I have no clue.

CCBS is pretty much the best thing ever in my opinion…
It allows you to just pick up 2 sets and make pretty much anything…


thinks back to 2011 Ah…good times…

I think that the line itself was poorly executed, but let me show you some logic here.

Breakout was the best wave of Hero Factory to many.
It takes between two and three years to plan a LEGO line.
Brain Attack and IFB are considered the worst waves, by many.
BIONICLE was being planned during BA and IFB, leeching off of the budget.

But it did give us CCBS and CCBS is amazing.


Well for me it was more of a blinded nostalgic anger because “Herofactory killed Bionicle” :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought that the idea of using ball joints to connect armor was weird…
Wish I knew about all the awesome parts they would release later…

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Nah i never thought that HF killed Bionicle,and because of that i have enjoyed the line at it’s fullest.

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Yea I knew that…and that is why I got MAD when I saw TTV’s vid on the first leak…me and my bro were screaming “NO! FRICK NO!!” so loud my Mom had to make sure the house was not one fire… and y little bro was FRIGGEN CRYING HIMSELF TO SLEEP!..so yea…I had some hard feelings at Bionicle for a while…

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Are you referring to Bionicle’s return?


Yup…but now I have Gali and Lewa…my money was well spent…

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ccbs is cool, that’s really all I got


I would say CCBS but I’m fairly certain that was planned separately from Hero Factory.

The one-liners and asplosions all interested me a couple years back. All the webisodes - prior to Invasion from Below - I legitimately enjoyed.

Besides that, Hero Factory did have some cool unique parts, like the tech-styled add-ons, Core Hunter’s mask (one of my favorite all-time masks), and some pretty nifty weapon designs.


I liked hero factory alot actually, never as much as bionicle but I thought some sets were really good. When I saw brain attack I completely lost faith in LEGO and ccbs and stopped buying it. invasion from below wave 2 brought me back into it though. but seriously brain attack is trash. the story of hero factory is really sad compared to bionicle wich always annoyed me because they could have really created something cool. I would like it if they took the idea’s from invasion from below and created a new line along the lines of Exoforce.

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Hero factory was good…?


YES IT WAS MATT!..at least I think.,wait…no…it is…