What Makes Hero Factory So Lame?

Hero Factory is lame


The story for the most part. The characters are bland. The parts are really intuitive but have a very linear aesthetic. Something like the Chima constraction line really gave me hope for those same parts but with a different look. And now Bionicle is back, so hopefully we'll get totally new HF like shell elements and I really hope that they don't just reuse the same base shells over and over again as they really don't look good from the back or sides and make it difficult to MOC around.

I am a fan of when Bionicle got dark and edgy. Looking at those big weapons I always thought bionicle was inherently dark. HF took all that away and made it A.D.D 12 year old friendly. frowning


Robots can't have unpredictable personalities. 'nuff said.

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More like 5 year old friendly.

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Definitely the inconsistency of the storyline, especially in the later years. HF had potential, but the overall execution just wasn't that great.


The reason Hero Factory is lame is because people think Bionicle is superior and that Hero Factory should have catered the exact same sort of things Bionicle had to the audience of Bionicle, rather than, you know, the kids it was aimed at.


I don't think it's "lame" per-say, just doesn't live up to BIONICLE. The sets post 2010 introduced the CCBS, which is far more sturdy and useable then older pieces. While the story was not really the best, it was always designed to be a bit more kid friendly, like Invi said. However, it could have had a bit more consistency to it, instead of being so episodic in nature. Overall, from a set standpoint, it was a really good line, while having a mediocre story. If anything, I thank HF for allowing the new BIONICLE to have a different torso then the Inika build XD.


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hero factory sucks. All they are, are skeletons with armor that fight beasts with ridiculous names like jaw beast and tunneler beast and flyer beast. at least bionicle had the guts to actually make up names, like teridax, icarax, kojol, and so on. Hero Factory is the BIONICLE wanabee. I would be much harsher if the 2015 BIONICLE sets didnt look so awesome.

what about swagbeast and varbeast and eljaysuglybeast and I should stop now......



Hero Factory's story is a lot less important than the sets, so the names don't really matter, not a lot of the sets even get their names said anyways in the story. Names for Bionicle sets (and you only listed one that was a set) are more important because the story was a lot more important.

two of them were sets. Icarax was in 2008 i think, and teridax was in 2003, although he wasnt called teridax at the time, that is still his name. (dont forget ultimate dume was also teridax)

Sorry I only read Icarax and Kojol LOL yeah you're right about Teridax

Hero Factory's story wasn't impressive.

and uh


Yeah, that's really the worst thing it did. I understand why BIONICLE fans wouldn't like Hero Factory, but as far as the theme itself goes? It did pretty good, I feel, especially considering its marketing and promotion was undercut at literally every turn. I'll probably write up some big article breaking down Hero Factory's successes and failures in the near future.



Alrighty, time for a rant. I disliked hero factory because of the dumbed down story and the fact that the building system (at least early on) left the backs of the characters COMPLETELY EXPOSED! It annoyed me so much, I felt like the frame they were built around was their internal skeleton, and I felt like they were completely exposed. I tried to mock up things that could fix the problem. I tried using free connections, or even using different armor. Nothing worked. I hated how you could see right through them! It made them seem more like display figures meant to be seen from only the front, rather than action figures you could actually play with. I hope they redesigned that for the new Bionicle stuff so that I don't have to freak out....

Hero factory just didn't work for me when I saw the heroes wear animal masks. I thought that the story was only good when it had Von Ness, but after that it became lame. The flexibility and new pieces were nice, but they just had wired charicter builds. Not to mention the lack of armor for the back. I never bought the sets, yet they just seemed cheesy from the start, even their web page.

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That animal mask part is something I never understood. I mean they are frigging ROBOTS cant they just get like huge machine guns and attack helicopters and jetpacks, or just hive them all they need and have a robot look, or since we've established that heroes can become titan sized is apparently really easy so why not make them all xl's and storm the place or just snipe witch doctor from a distance with a tranquilizer or something, what made them go: "Hey you guys need animal powers so we give you animals speed, strength and weird looking masks because you must've not been built to have any of those right?"
Oh well Im going too much of a rant on a 2011 hf lineup which was aimed at younger kids anyway.
Ps. Sorry if I sound angry its just always bothered me.


Hero Factory was interesting to me when I read some of the comics that came out in the Lego Magazine. However, when they stopped focusing on the awesome comics, background stories, and designs... I grew to have distaste in it.

I hate it when they try to dumb things down for little kids. Sure, when I was younger, I hardly understood much of BIONICLE's story, but I had a brother who did, and he told me about how things went on. BIONICLE became fascinating to me with all the locations, objects, and characters. I became convinced there was another world out there. And it made me understand and marvel at these characters... When I was only 6 years old!
Hero factory is missing those factors. They only care about heroes fighting villains, which made me wonder: What was the villain's motives besides wanting revenge and power? Couldn't they add more to the whole "revenge" thing?
BIONICLE's storyline with the Makuta had this factor. The Makuta misunderstood the meaning of duty, and became jealous of Mata Nui because he received all the praise. Eventually, he got revenge, but Teridax betrayed his other brethren by letting them get killed in a shockwave, and then took over the universe, full of innocent Matoran. Now that is just pure evil right there.

What did hero factory do? "I want revenge on Stormer! I want revenge of Hero Factory!" Now, this could be reasonable for one villain, but several? It makes you wonder how many of Stormer's and Hero Factory's allies and enemies had something bad happen because of them? This reasoning is cliche and overall is not a clever way to introduce a villain's origin.

If they payed attention to BIONICLE's critical success, perhaps Hero Factory could have become something grand.


Vary well said, chronicler...

That's why they call me the Chronicler! I know what I'm talking about...

Also, I'd recommend checking your spelling, brother. "Very" has an e, not an a.

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