What Set Is This?

Strange, I have a lot of them in many (3) colors!

Alright, necro-post time. Got a bag of parts from a goodwill for my birthday, these were in it.

Also, what are these from? I see them all the time (normally broken), and I wanted to know if they’re from a LEGO series, or something else, or what?


the teal pohatu mask came from one of the tarakava. (I butchered that spelling, didn’t I."

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Nope actually the spelling is spot on.


the black kodan ball half came in 3 sets, the red part is a knockoff, the jaller item is probably a Pog, and the kakama is from the teal Tarakava

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Which three sets?

Can’t remember the company (i know it isn’t Lego), but I believe that broken piece comes from a Power Rangers: SPD buildable figure

look up Kodan ball half on bricklink, and click the thing that says which sets it appears in.

I didn’t think Pogs existed in 2006 though…

that, or a gamepiece.

It’s actually from a Happy Meal toy:


I think I found what it’s from:


That’s a Mega Bloks piece. It’s really hard to fit into anything.

I have these four masks that are in colors that I have never seen them in before.

Edit: Before anyone jumps on me for it, I just realized that the black Ruru is from Hafu.

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Well, the Gold Pakari would be from those old mask packs back in 2002.
I’m not sure about that Kakama though. It kinda looks like an off gold. Perhaps it’s a misprint? Or a custom-painted mask?

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In person, it looks more of a silver-like color

If that’s the case, than, like the Gold Pakari, that Silver Kakama is from the old Mask Packs.

Ordered a small batch of parts from bricklink to repair a few old sets of mine, any guesses as to what they might be?


My best guess is that it’s a Star Wars thingy.

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These look like they’re from the Republic Attack Shuttle:

Pretty sure these are for a Clone Wars-era AAT:

These look like they might come from the '08 Republic Gunship (always wanted one of those):

These are for the V-19 Torrent.

So @bionibbles, how did I do? Which did I get wrong? How many did I miss? Also, it’s great to see another The Clone Wars fan on the Boards. :smiley:

I’m guessing the Republic symbol gave it away, eh?