What Set Is This?

Ah, piss. I thought the clips were the same way…

I found it I think
76004 Spider-Man: Spider-Cycle Chase

Wait, wait wait. I’m an idiot. You’re right, the clips all go the same way. I apologize for all my crap posts, but then I’m really confused as to whether it’s on one set or fifteen sets or twelve sets… sigh
It should be this, right?


Yeah. It’s in a lot of spider man sets.

I don’t get it. That’s the piece, right? Just in black?

Item number’s different, but that should be it…

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I think so… Brickset lied.


What’s this from:

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Bad Guy '06:

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Yes, but no.
(not the one I had in mind…,)

Umbra, or the Battle of Metru Nui…


Has nobody guessed this right yet?

It’s the part used for Carnage in “Carnage’s SHIELD Sky Attack”.

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Well, they did, but I was using faulty info. :confused:

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Yeah, I mentioned that that’s what the orange parts were from, along with some Technic parts I got, but I guess no one noticed?

While I was putting together all my Bionicle sets, I found this piece.

It’s metallic light green. When trying to find what set it came from on Bricklink, It wasn’t a known color, but it was being sold.

Where did I get this piece? I don’t have the green rahkshi. I do have rahaga iruini, but he uses a dark grey piece. I’m 90% sure I never bought a “100 bionicle pieces” set.

If you have any info or ideas, please let me know.

I have no idea how you got this sorry. :crying_cat_face:


According to this, the only set it was ever in was Lerahk. Could you have gotten it from a friend somehow?

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Bricklink said Lerahk used a normal green mask. I’m not sure if this is green or metal green now… or if metal green and normal green are the same color. I’ll call my only lego collecting friend to see if he had Lerahk.

The only sets that had that metallic-y color were the Rahkshi. This one would be from Lerahk.