What Should I Do With Mega Bloks?

I bought a tub that was 1/6 mega bloks. I’d also like to mention that that’s a stupid name. It’d make sense if it was mega blocks or even mega blox. No, here at fake lego HQ we hate the letter “c”.

What are some ways of sorting out lego from mega bloks? Some of the bricks have the logo on it, but some don’t.

It’s mostly halo mega bloks. If anyone collects them, PM me and I could sell them to you. Otherwise I’ll probably just keep them.

Is there somewhere where instructions / set info is listed?

I really don’t know what to do. I can add pics if you want.


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They don’t deserve to be in with the good brick toys.


I’d burn them and hope and pray that the System Overlords don’t kill you.


Burn them /s

I honestly have used Megablocks instead of Lego pieces I cannot find. Unless they are those huge blocks for toddlers, then I have no idea what to do with them.

First rule: look for a stud. All Lego bricks have the lego logo on any and all studs. If it has a stud that had no logo on it, it’s not LEGO.

Second: try, if at all possible, to compare it to a corresponding LeGo piece. MegaBlok pieces are always subtly different from Le-go pieces.

Third: compare the colours. often, especially with colours like orange and light green, the colours will be a different shade from Lego colors.

Fourth: when you’re done, feel free to wonder why I stylized LEGO six different ways.

Hope that helps! :smile:


I’ve seen this, and that’s how I sorted most of them out. A bunch of them are this ugly green color that looks like they melted a bunch of other colors into them. They also come in dark silver/grey that have little spots in them.

Why don’t you try posting a picture of said pieces? Even if I don’t recognize them, someone probably will.


My vain attempts at sorting.

There’s also a second type of fake lego. Its slab pieces are taller than normal lego.

Some of the stuff are just random toys, too.

Nice that the bin had the pieces for hagrid’s hut though.

There’s still more… This is all from the quick search through the bin.

Kill… Me…


Get all the Mega Bloks
Sacrifice them to @yran the dark one


I dunno, Mega Bloks has cool figures, but apparently the parts are crap.


If you plan to build anything with Mega Bloks, then you’re gonna want to buy some glue.


They don’t mesh very well with Lego from my experience. I’d just separate them from the Lego.



Yeah, those look like they might be from the old Halo Pelican ship.(though I can’t be certain; my friend had it, not me)

I’d probably gather them as best I could and take inventory. See if you can’t find a big cockpit piece.


Looks like that’s most of the pieces from the Halo Pelican.

There is a cockpit peice. If anyone can find instructions for it, link me to them.

How did this picture get on my desktop?


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What halo figures are there

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I’ve never played halo, so I couldn’t tell you their names. There’s a green space soldier, a yellow power ranger, and a dark blue ogre.


Grind them to dust. /s

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And continue our march to glorious salvation?

Im sorry i had to