What was the main Idea for your SelfMOC?

Okay so what parts of you and things you like did you put in your SelfMOC? did you use your favorite colors? how about some kind of TV show? share here;



in his original form he was an arm due to lack of parts, with black, silver and grey, with a trans light green bohrok eye. Eventually the moc evolved to have 2 forms: One meant to be my regular form, now represented by an armored guy with black coat tails, and lotsa armor, while titan JMP is supposed to be a hulking beast with lot’sa armor and weapons. They were mostly based on Monochrome and normal form was directly inspired by some ideas and some of my appearance

Mask: The last mask of my original selfMOC
Colour: Azure is the closest CCBS colour to turquoise (My favorite colour)
Weapons: My brother and I really like Lego Atlantis so I used the key pieces
Features: I make Lego Transformers so I had to have my selfMOC transform some how


Your selfMOC was an arm!?

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yes. A robot arm with an eye who could posses people and shoot lasers

…yeah 2011-2012 was a crazy year. Luckily he gained a body around 2013-2014



It all started when Squeaverking got bored of having the entire collection of 2007 complete. So, he switched Jaller Inika and Mahri Hahli’s heads. Then, I switched lots more pieces. And even more pieces. Then, I rebuilt it. Then, I hated that, and rebuilt it after a while. Then, I rebuilt it again, the wings sucked, so then I redid the wings. Final result:

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I like lime green.

I wanted to make a toa of jungle/air

when I think of jungle toa, I think of upbeatness, happiness, funny types of people

and that kinda fits my personality
So I went with it

as for the fact that he has a keyblade?
I like kingdom hearts

thats about it really.


@StudentScissorsLeaker That is a really good way to come up with a SM…

@JMP …I…am…screaming…

Any-shoot. my SelfMOC goes as follows,

Name. it was my name on the Warrior cats forum.

Color. they were some colors I liked and green is my fave color.


Weapons…I dunno…whatever I am into at the time.

Fighting style…my own style…

Eye color…I dunno,

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why scream ?

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Uh…it was a ARM!..I mean…like…I dunno…at least you ment to give it a body…

Well for Atequ, I was trying to make an Artahka out of the Hydraxon set, then later on(and more akin to his current form) I was trying to make him look like a gold version of that fake Icarax picture that had been circulating at the time.

And for Dartho, I just wanted a toa of the green.


Cool beanz. and uh,I have never seen that pic before…

an arm with an eye in it’s shoulder, weird claw hands, spikes, a metru-body for the lower arm… basicly JMP’s arms before I decided to upgrade them

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Name: “Jethryn” Taken from a sketch of a dragon-fighter minifigure that bore similarity to how Jethryn was to appear. “Jetera” as a corruption of that name that sounds vaguely Polynesian.

Color: Black with a bright colored accent, which in various forms has been white, silver, and trans medium blue (that version was never posted.) Dark Blue came in as an accident at first. A form of trans blue has almost always been a part of him, as well.

Style: Originally based on the “assassin” trope. More recently developing into a more common fantasy hero type.

Weapons: Up until recently my selfMOC has just about had whatever weapon I found in my parts bin. Faera, the sword form the recent version, is his first weapon to really be given consideration.

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Hrmm…he has kept some of those weapons until as of late…

JMP always kept his weapons…

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I was talking to @Hawkflight but that is good…RaptorTalon has always had the 2.0 blades…


Since I was not pleased with my current MOC at the time, I decided that I wanted to give him a complete redo and change everything. The main idea came from looking at the TTV MOCs and wanting to make a MOC that looks like it would fit in the group (AKA making a decent looking MOC without a Rahkshi head).
The guidelines I went off of were to use a 01, 02, or 03 mask, and make it a Toa. The rest just formed itself.
And then I finally ended up with my first version of my Self-MOC.


Cool beanz!