What was the worst fad?

Roll Credits.



I’ll do one better

Every British stereotype EVER!

The fidget spinners, well object at this point, with the cubes and whatnot. The most POINTLESS fad ever!

Although, in all seriousness, I hated the als ice bucket challenge, it’s cause was to donate but if you actually wanted to help you could’ve just donated some money

I object. The spinners and cubes and whatnot had a good purpose. They’re designed for people with autism and other disorders where fidgeting/stimming (self-stimulation) is common, and they would divert that kind of behavior from more dangerous or inappropriate behaviors (Waving one’s arms around in front of them, sometimes fairly violently, is one I’ve seen a lot of.) How it came to be a mainstream fad is still a mystery.

Darn neurotypicals appropriating my culture…

Me and my friends who are also autistic (like me) each had one, they seem to make you even more distracted


Sorry. I didn’t mean to cause offense. I didn’t know that piece of information. I thought it was just some gimmick toy makers came up with.

No offense taken; especially if you didn’t know.



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They aren’t a fab, but that stupid challenge is.

The worst fad was probably the internet

Hang on my sources are telling me the internet is still a thing one second


Tik Tok, if we’re to include current fads.


snuggies. justin bieber. one direction.