What was the worst fad?

I remember my mom bought my sister and I some off brand ones.

They didn't last.

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Emojis :rage::rage::rage::rage:

That's why I use emoticons :-}

Isn't Emoji just apple's name for emoticons

From his perspective, at least, Emojis are the images that are triggered by certain sets of ASCII characters, while Emoticons are creating faces out of ASCII characters.

It was never okay.


I've got another terrible fad, Life Hacks.

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some of them work tho
Life Hack
If you go outside you will find another dimension, different from those of the confines of your home
Life Hack
If you punch a guy in the face and he blacks out, you can steal his wallet+get his credit card, do this enough and you'll be RICH! :money_mouth:


I can confirm this.


I still remember the 21 thing. I didn't have vine, and some guy asks me what 9+10 is. I'm like "um, 19?" They say 21 in a stupid voice and I'm not even knowing what's going on.

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People saying that they have osteoporosis when they don't.
Basically every quote from idubbbz that every student squabbles over like gukko birds over a berry.

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But I am osteoporosis.

Allergies to perfectly fine food. And I don't mean the legit "I can't eat peanuts" Or "Milk makes me puke" I mean the weird ones like "I can't eat pineapple because it makes my lips tingle"..........Oh....wait a second....Was this topic for expired fads?

Anything that was in Youtube Rewind.



challenge videos, vine, the dab, and pogs

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squid launcher ammo, 10 squids for 2 bucks

I've pretty broken all my original squids from 2007.

Also happy 10 year anniversary Barrraki

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The "____ but _____ happens instead" memes are starting to lose thier charm.

What are we some kind of (insert movie title here). I've seen this on every trailer for the past months.

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