What were some terrible Bionicle set designs you hated?

This Topic is for your least favored designs in Gen-1 & Gen-2

For sets that look unnatural, the highest mentions are Pohatu Phantoka (He got prosthetic hands?), Hewkii and Kongu Mahri (Kongu is extremely Aerodynamic, Being a Bulky Fatty, and Hewkii lost a hand during his transformation), and Protector of Earth( #CHESTCANNON2015). Build-wise, I’d say Stars, Hordika, Voyatoran, and any set Post-2007 that used the Inika torso (Dunno why, I just Hate the Inika Torso


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Sorry 'bout that.

I’d go with the stars too, or anything that used the av-matoran build, for that matter.


I thought so.

Av-matoran builds were redundant, and made matoran too tall.

There was an explanation for the added height. It was that Karda Nui’s energy made them all taller while in the caverns, also explaining why the Toa Nuva grew so large.


Actually, the Toa are canonically the same size, the only one affected by the Energies were Light beings.

Hence why Takanuva was a titan, and the others standard size.


I noticed that, but the problem with them is that other remakes/ post 2009 matoran MoCs were mainly using the Av-matoran torso.

The Av-Matoran were based off of the Agori in the story, this is yet another explanation for an otherwise lazy design team.


Gold Good Guy.

There, I said it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I wasn’t crazy about most of the Barraki. They looked unfinished.


Kill the visorak. Their build is so ugly…

I would bring up the promotional sets, like Good Guy/Turaga Lhikan, but that would be cheating.

My picks would be Makuta Chirox, '08 Pohatu, Toa Mahri Hewkii, the Toa Hordika, Vastus, Strakk, and BIONICLE Stars Gresh.

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I am going to say this; I liked the Inika build system


I did too. It was a solid building system for its time. Such a shame the parts were fragile.

  1. Toa Va–Pohatu '08 had swag.
  2. Kongu '07 was the Captain Rex of Bionicle.
  3. gr8 b ing y u gimme nu hand

      If I had to change something...

I’d have no more open ball joints
No crappy Stars
Make Onua Mistika more stocky
Give Tuma more bling


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The Toa Nuva Mistika. That is all.
And the Av-Matoran/agori build did look a bit awkward, but it was acceptable.
Other than that… nothing I really hated. Maybe the Inika masks. And the Toa Hordika but they’re supposed to be ugly.

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I disliked Hahli’s Inika mask. That’s really all that comes to mind. :stuck_out_tongue:


You suck
jk jk

terrible builds eh?
I am about to say it, and you might hate me for it
The turaga, and the bohrok va
Oh my god how ugly they look
Turaga are okay, it was there first year, but the bohrok va should have improved, not made the same
Oh, and the metru matoran, and the dume set
they werent gr8 builds either


1-piece limbs like the Mata/Nuva arms and legs, and Avtoran parts.

Most of the titan feet.

Blue pins, y’know. And red pins.

Kikanalo’s torso.

Super long Inika Arms.

Inika masks (sans Iden) and Nuva masks.

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I think I’m one of the few people who actually likes the Inika/Mahri/Phantoka/Mistika/Glatorian building style. It was consistent and gave room for lots of customization. It also gives me a nice baseline for building MoCs as I’m not really that creative when it comes to parts (I’m more of a ‘take a basic build and add tons of customization to it guy’.) The Hero Factory building system has lots of potential, but on its own with the sets it has it’s just… wasted. It just feels so fragile and skeletal with them literally being just stick figures with some nice bulky armor stuck on by a ball-joint connector. The only reason I mention it is because the new Bionicle 2015 sets will be using it, which really irks me. Oh well.

Also the Stars/Av-Matoran build style is terrible. It makes Matoran seem taller than the Toa Nuva, and it has no bendable joints (which is also a problem in basically… well… every set that didn’t use the build styles mentioned at the start of the post barring titans.)