what would other good guy's and bad guy's look like?

we know that in 2006, 6934 and 6935 good guy and bad guy were made, but I was wondering what good guy and bad guy would look like in all the years that we did not get a good guy and bad guy? were there any prototypes for the guys or do I have to model my own take on them? this has been on my mind for a while now, so I’m hoping to get answers.



If we did get ones in 01-03, they’d probably be fairly technic focused.


well then, what would they look like?

The prototype for Gold Good Guy shows him in 2005-style packaging.

The advertisement at the top shows he was originally intended to be released alongside a Rahkshi-headed guy with a red Climbing Claw as a staff, but he was ultimately replaced by Duracell Bad Guy.



01: probably Mctoran.
02: Mctoran with krana.
03: simplified moltoran.
04: weird metrutoran-“inspired” builds
05: Didn’t we get an 05 good guy and bad guy?
09: Baby Glatorian
010: Mini STARS…? How would that even work?


I don’t think we did

ooh that would be interesting to see

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Maybe i’m thinking of those weird spinner “Quick Good Guys”
Were those in 2006?

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I think they were…
Edit: just checked bricklink. They were released in 2006 like I thought

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Something amazing beyond what we can comprehend

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you wanted baby glatorian?


Now somebody has to make the rest.

I might make more…

now, as for 2002, perhaps a bohrok bad guy

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A better question is what would the G2 GG/BG sets look like?

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Ketar and Agil, of course.

N o . P l e a s e N o.

Alright, hailing from 2002, we have… BOHROK BAD GUY!!!


Do not double post. -Eljay


This could be the new best good guy/bad guy

how much poseability does it have?

legs can go front and back, head moves up and down, and the arms are on ball joints.

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Krana don’t fit on the McToran head iirc

04 would’ve been the Kraatu

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