What would you do if a TTV cast member walked up to you?

Ask for a selfie

But if it wasn't them I would feel embarrassed for the rest of the week

You made a stuffed zaktan?😕

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Have a chat about life and of course bionicles.

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but does it still count as you have already met them or is this a if you saw them right now type of thing?

Hand in my resume and say "hope you like it" also keep Kahi away from the homeless people

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What if you meet Kahi, and you are a homeless people?

Can i ask what part of Canada?, so i can never go there?

Not weird at all (backs away slowly)

I'd ask if we could start a cooking show with Takuma and Exx.
and while we wait for things to cook we talk about/look at birds
I'd shove a tan pin up Eljay's... nose. If he has one... If not, then ear
Have a sing off with Ven.
And lastly...
1v1 Meso Club penguin.

Also welcome to New Zealand!
We have Pavlova. Assuming I did not travel to the US.


I seriously cant stop laughing... :laughing:

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@eljay and @Mesonak I would inform them on the star wars
@viper I would probably tell the story of my piraka tragedy

Eljay: Have a chat about bionicle lore, exchange witty banter and discuss sets and such
Var: Apologize profusely for complimenting anyone else but him and praise his art... as well as discuss musical stuffs. Maybe play some guitar or something.
Viper: Get lessons on how to have a British accent.
Ven: Dude I have no idea. Probably have a friendly chat.
Takuma: H I D E
Kahi: Get him to be my lawyer for when I go to court for stealing the Free the Band Truck.
Exx: Speechless. His magnificence would overwhelm me, sending me spiraling into insanity.


Depends. If it were Eljay, Meso, Viper, Var, or Kahi I would probably just talk to them. If it were Prpl or Exxtrooper, I obviously wouldn't recognize them.

I would hope that they have seen my work, and talk to them about how to work for them someday :grinning:

Is anyone else waiting for the day when they ask someone about bionicle and they say that they are one of the TTV? One of these days I want that to happen. Because so far, I mention "TTV" and no one knows what I am talking about.

"Hey... So, do you know what bionicle is?"
"Bruh, I am literally the embodiment of Duty. Destiny and Unity are chilling at the café right now."

But all jokes aside, I just wish someone around here knew about bionicle. I'll ask once in a while, but no one ever knows what the heck I'm talking about.


In my case, people have heard about/are familiar with bionicle, but they don't know the story. In my opinion, the story is one of the best, if not the best part of Bionicle.

If it was @Kahi , I would punch him and watch him crumple like a paper bag

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Ask them what they're doing in my house.


I dont, know give them money? Autograph? Idk

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I don't know what I would do, since I stay in my house almost all the time, with the exception of school. If I saw anyone in my house while I was alone, it'd be time to break out the shovel along with the baseball bat and ask questions later.

With the exception of Prpl; I seriously need to learn about her art techniques.

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I'd like to imaging I'd go up to them politely, say something along the lines of "hey I'm a fan, and I'd just like to let you guys know I really enjoy your work!" and then stem into a nice conversation.
...I suuuuckkkkk at starting conversations. I'd probably be too shy, or just awkward. I'd get better as the conversation goes on, but I cannot start conversations for the life of me. So, chances are I wouldn't say anything.
Which sucks, 'cause they all seem like really cool people.


I would run away