What would you do if Lego announced a new Bionicle Film?

how would you guys react if Bionicle had a new film and it was better then the last 4 movies?


I’d be very happy, though all 4 of the movies were okay, they all had different weaknesses. Example, Web of Shadows had good character models, too bad those characters were silly : P


Hey Viper, nice to meet you at last and yea Web of shadows was good and Matau made it for us.


You watch it.

Simple as that.


I’m very againsts the idea of a new movie. The movies have never done proper justice and some people come to know BIonicle by them, giving them a lot of wrong ideas.

With the way LEGO handles TV shows now, they would be even worse for Bionicle. (meaning the overall tone) I’ve found the story is always much better in the books for any LEGO line then in TV shows or movies. So I prefer they don’t use them.

So what would I do? Watch it, see if I’m wrong or not.


I’d put another checkmark on the mental list of movies that come out in the next five years.

If the film itself was good…

I might watch it.


Throw money at the screen.


Depends on the director and/or cast n script. Also maybe the budget. If it’s pretty good I might watch it but if it’s dirt-cheap then I won’t even consider it


Mostly from nostalgic value I’d give it a watch at least once. If its better than the prior films then that’s good I suppose. Not really much to say about the prospect.

Depends almost entirely on what sort of movie it is, whether its CGI or animated for example.


I’d be very weary.

But if the trailer was really good, I’d madly rejoice.

I’d be okay with that.

Lego have been improved with their stories so it could be good.

I would scream like a little girl and watch it and buy it because I <3 Lego and bionicles with my childhood

I’d still watch it. However the movies have never been the best at giving the best part of the story.

I’d have a nostalgia-spasm, seizure, and lose my sanity.

Honestly, the BIONICLE movies were childhood for me. Even if I did get into the BIONICLE late, The movies were the definition of memory.

I’d follow the news and pray that the movie wasn’t a disaster and managed to improve in the cough many cough areas that the previous ones lacked in.


They most likely will release a movie.
I swear if they get completely different voice actors…

for reboots i’d say we will get different voice actors.

Really? I hadn’t noticed, it seemed the opposite to me. This season has set worse with me than any of the others. (and I enjoyed the others)

And the voice actors are probably going to be… The same from the IFB short (cue multiple shots of hangings).