What would you like to see in Indiana Jones 5?

So as some of you might already know a new Indiana Jones movie is set to release in 2019 with Harrison Ford returning. They haven't announced the plot and probably won't until a trailer maybe which wont be for a while. So, what would artifact would you like Indy to search for in this one? And any characters you want to see return? Also if you have any other ideas include that.

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He's going to be so old.

Indi in a retirement home reminiscing about the glory days. Its just him talking about things we've never seen before. For 2 hours.


I mean, I would like to have like a fifth one

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@jacques Would be interesting but probably wont happen because one of the producers said that they would probably never replace Harrison Ford as Indy (even though they have with the show)

@Darth_trevan Lol

Yeah, no. There's only so much you can do with the character of Indiana Jones and keep a good, cohesive storyline. Kingdom of the Crystal Skull being a prime example of this.


No Shia.

No aliens.

Good old fashion archaeological adventure with maybe some slight mystical elements.

But no aliens, seriously.


I said that mainly as a joke. They should really just get a new guy.

I'd like to see Indy beat some cultists with his cane.

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I'd like to see Indy training a successor not played by Shia labouf or however you spell that but some one new cough Chris Pratt cough


"I'm no hero. Never was, never will be. I'm just an old professor."
-Indiana Jones


So, first we must figure out what made the good ones good. First of all, in the best ones he's always searching for some kind of ancient Judeo-Christian artifact. Also, he's fighting nazis. Also, they tend to take advantage, at leased near the end, of their holy powers

Without using including aliens!!!!

Also, he usually ends up in a desert. There for, the next one should be: Indiana Jones VS. the Nazis Part III: Quest for the One True Cross (in the sahara).


It should be in China this time

Hmm... There isn't a lot of Judeo-Christian "lost" artifacts though, and if they are lost they disappeared from history forever. Really they did the most relevant ones with the Holy Grail and the Ark of the Covenant.

Personally I'd love to see more southern american or african artifacts. Those are always cool.

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You know, as much as people dislike shia labouf,
I don't think he's a bad actor, I mean, he was good in holes, he just hasn't been in anything good in a while, they made him indi's son in the awful last movie, have him return somehow, whether as his successor or as his successors sidekick, atleast he's not short round,

I have little faith in the movie anyway, so I'd atleast appreciate continuity.

Actually wouldn't be a bad choice as a successor.


I could go for an Indie Cream Pie...

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I was vouching they'd go for Pratt as the next Indi, since he could pull off the look VERY well. But oh well. Gotta go with Harrison Ford. I'm just worried for Ford since he keeps injuring himself on sets for action pieces.

I think Ford would do better to just keep away from action movies nowadays. He's getting way too worn out for it. Disney needs to get someone younger, and I think Pratt could pull that off.

Besides, Pratt already has a ton of fame once he was in Jurassic World and Guardians of the Galaxy. He's pretty much an action star now, even though he used to be a comedic actor. Whether Pratt could pull off the personality of Indiana Jones is what interests me.


Wasn't there a rumor that Pratt had signed something for an Indy movie?

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No idea. All I know is that I think he'd do a perfect job for the role.