What would you want in a Hero Factory Reboot?

This. So much this.


Maybe... more atmosphere.
The IFB animation felt so oddly empty,with hardly a sense of story or real danger. It was pretty much "OH NO TROUBLE HEROES GO TO THE RESCUE GET NEW UPGRADES DEFEAT BAD GUYS WOO."
I guess what I really want is more of the story. There was so much they could have done.

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I dont, same reasons I dont want a G3 for Bionicle. Give me something new, fresh, different.

And also there would not be any expectations as they are with those two lines because its a new line.


I'd want to see a reboot with complex lore, and an engaging storyline. Something fresh and interesting that even die-hard Bionicle fans would enjoy.

(also, I want the 2.0 helmet system back for at least two waves)

EDIT: Keep Stringer and Nex all the way through. Please.


Yes, I want new "caps" for that, maybe a slicked back, spikey look to one.


Or better yet, a full set of new caps in each color, kinda like BIONICLE G1's mask packs.

I would also like to see compact $10 Hero sets (packaged in their pods) with gear mechanisms or launchers.

Villains could be in the $10-15 range for standard size, and titans could be $20 or more, dependent on size.'

Civilian sets would be cool, too.




Imagine if they remade the theme to be more like a superhero comic and make the heroes more like Bounty Hunters. Because that is what the image Faber drew evokes with me.


I comic booksesque bounty hunter line would be awesome, even if it isn't hero factory I want that for a next constraction line.


I would like to get some female-esque parts, you know... We really lack them curves....


I'd like to see the story continued from IFB to some new things, like the villains in the Secret Mission series coming as sets, or the Brains returning with that mysterious villain also being shown. Maybe the mechs could become mainstream for sets. The best thing would probably be some Technic and a deeper storyline.

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I'd like them to bring back the original full cast, including Stringer and Nex, and create some truly high-stakes villians by infecting the heroes with a computer virus, or countering their abilities exactly.


i have a few ideas.

first off don't release it at the same time as the star wars constraction sets if they do it will surely die quickly.

second off put an emphasis on their characteristics make stormer a rough grizzled hero veteran with a butt load of battle damage armor scars and maybe a prosthetic limb or two. give him a history of losing all his teammates due to a team members betrayal.

third let death be a thing don't be afraid to kill a characters every now and then just make it a death worth dying. less jul'mdama from halo 5 more like the noble team from halo reach. don't be afraid to kill off nameless heroes to show that no matter what they can all die on any mission at any time but trough team work they can survive to tell the tail.

fourth no gimic builds please that was bionicle's thing.

fifth go crazy on the villains. make one a mad scientist that cuts up heroes to make zombie heroes. make corroder a psyco that wants to go on a hero genocide make the villains feel deadly.

sixth get.......greg...........for............the..........story...........nuff said.

seventh make each set look different yet similar to each other and make the villains different so they don't come off as heroes.

eighth wait till like 2020 to launch HF G2.its would be to soon.

that's all I can think of.


I feel CCBS only promotes complexity when you have a lot to work with, where as with the old system you could do more with fewer parts

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More of a focus on "make your own dude". To me that's what Hero Factory's core concept should've been, but instead it became a tertiary focus and eventually just disappeared.

Also, I'd want them to carry on with gear mechanisms. Heroes with slashy plasma sabres, big punching boxing fists, or machine guns that mechanically come over their shoulders? Yes please.


Agreed. And instead of pushing out these half-baked deviating characters into our faces, they should either have contests every few months to give a chance for people to have their own creations featured or at least have a cameo in the show (like they did with Silver) or have different heroes with every mission.

A post apocalyptic sort of setting, where the city is half destroyed and overrun by vegetation. The heroes wake up after shutting down for years and have to fight the bad guys. From this point, they're on their own, and have to use what they have to defend themselves and a little resistance that still remains.

In my opinion that would be pretty sweet!


So, the last of us but with robots


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I don't know what the last of us is, but if you say so...

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I agree with @LoganMcOwen that a HF Reboot should put the focus on "Build your Hero" and encouraging creativity amongst children, AFOLs, etc.@Rockho's idea of featuring MOCs in some capacity (online, podcast, write-up, etc.) could help further that "Build Your Hero" goal. Perhaps a mention on a rebooted Hero Factory FM (a boy can dream).

I also would like to see Christian Faber's original vision of showing that the Hero Factory was flawed, and that true heroism can't be manufactured. So starting off with "shiny robot heroes" then eventually going into "less shiny, more diverse, potentially flawed heroes" would be an interesting approach, story-wise at least.

But really, I want Hero Factory FM to return. I love it and DJ Mak Megahertz and how sraight up cheesy it was. But an in-universe podcast/radio show? We need more of that good good media.