What Year did You Become a Fan?

What line of sets, or arc of story led you to the fandom!

If you’re newer as a fan, feel free to share, we love seeing newer fans. Gives us hope and stuff. if you’re an older fan, let everyone know just how “hardcore” you are.

I myself, am not an 01er, as I would love to say. Man, I wish I could be cool and be like “Oh yeah, I was here since day one, man.” but alas, my first set was Kopaka Nuva, and the next two were Tahnok and Gahlok. Today, I have the Nuva no more, but the two bohrok have been fused over the years, for the sake of parts for other MOCs.

So yeah, 2002 for me.


I actually became a official fan in 2013, so yeah, I’m sorta new.

In terms of collecting sets, I first really took an interest with the Phantoka.


I became a fan back in 2005 with my first set being Hordika Onewa.

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When I first came in contact with BIONICLE I didn’t understood the story and only wanted the sets, but then after it ran out in 2010 I started to came in with the story and became a huge fanboy in 2013.^^

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Became aware of bionicle and started collecting around 2003 roughly, and really started becoming a fan around 2007

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The first set I got was in '04, although I first really got into the story in '06.


my bro started collecting in 03 but never let me play with them, then I got a 04 set and then I fell in love with them specifically vakama I think, though my first set was actually my bros onua nuva

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I got into it in 2004


I started in 2001.
But I really got into it by 2003.
I started to understand the story in 2013.
I joined this comm-(unity, duty, destiny!) in 2014.
And my first 2001 collectable mask was obtained in 2012.


I first heard of Bionicle sometime in 2004 from a TV ad for Bionicle 2: Legends of Metru Nui, and I got my first set (Ehrye) in December 2004.

I got my first set in 03. Sometimes I became disinterested and for example, I don’t have any sets from 04 and 09 but I was generally inteterested for most of Bionicle’s ‘lifespan’.

I got my first Bionicle in 2005, but I fell in love with it completely in 2007. I would also love to say I’m a 2001 fan, but I think that understanding such a complex and amazing theme at the age of one would be amazing! =P

Lol. I was five at the time, so I likely could’ve lied and pulled it off.


I first got into Bionicle in summer 2004, I believe. I also got into the story at the same time.

2001, old school.

I really started to get into the story in 08 (I had gotten a few sets before then).

09 mallum and rannu were my first sets.

Got Rorzakh, the black vahki in 2004.
Got Lehvak Kal, Tahnok, Gahlok, and Kohrak in 2011.
Was introduced to TTV in late 2012.
Got all the Toa Mata and Bohrok (and a few mask packs) with my Birthday money in 2013.
Between then and now, I have accumulated a few sets.
Now, my main goals are to get the Rahkshi, the rest of the Toa Inika (I currently have Jaller and Hewkii), get all the 2003 “Titan” sets, and get all the necessary parts to make everyone from TTV. Obviously, that isn’t all I want to get from Bionicle, but it’s all I plan to get by the end of the year. I could get more, but I am also a fan of themes outside Bionicle, so my budget is lower than it could be. Also, I may or may not move within the next year, so that could strain my funds.

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I started in 2001. Nokama and Pohatu were my first two sets.

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2006 I was 4 by then and got my first ever set. after that I have nearly Always been a fan.