What's Happening to G2 Fan Music?

Does anyone know what happened to some of the BIONICLE fan music on YouTube? Like, recently I just hopped onto YouTube to listen to some fan-made music for the 2015 masters (The songs I believe were respectively named “Gali: Master of Water”, “Onua: Master of Earth” and that sort) I remembered listening to, and loving, yet now they’re ALL gone. I’ve been noticing a pattern in original works disappearing from YouTube for a while, but I can’t find any remnants of these songs which absolutely hurts because they were fantastic. I can’t even check if BMP backed them up or not since the site is down.

I’m hoping either somebody that downloaded them in the past, the creator of said songs, or somebody who might know them could have any insight on this since they were fantastic musical pieces, and deserve some sort of archival.

The closest I can find is this image from a music video called “Shot in the Dark” which has all six images used as the song thumbnails from the now gone videos.It’s not even on YouTube, either, it’s some Russian bootleg-esque YouTube site.

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Possibly has something to do with article 13

If article 13 is able to cause original works to be taken down for violating copyright, then the internet is going to crash, and burn in less than three years. That sounds like the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard.

Ugh, this world… That aside, I guess, I’m just hoping some connection is made between the composer of those songs so they can at least be saved from vanishing into the void. If I remembered the YouTube channel that made them, assuming that wasn’t taken down, too, I’d just try to contact them, and ask.

Well if it had official images or video it could’ve been removed

I guess that makes sense, but then that begs the question, why are all of these other videos with official commercials, art, and other video from not only old BIONICLE, but new as well still up? It just feels weird just these songs were removed, unless the channel for some reason got terminated, which I’m hoping isn’t the case.

I know what music you are talking about but unfortunately I don’t know what happened to it either.

Would you by any chance remember the name of the YouTube account that posted it? That would at least be somewhere to start by asking the original composer/uploader what happened, and if they could put up a download for the songs if they for some reason can’t be put on YouTube.

Because while I do have some hope it could have been archived in BMP since they do save fan music now, I still can’t tell because the site is still down.

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Unfortunately I don’t remember the name (and I didn’t even get to listen to it). I will ask people in other places if they remember it. As for BMP, the only fan music that was on the site was a remix of the Music of Bionicle and the Quest of the Toa soundtrack.

Dang… Well, it was worth having some hope for, I guess. At the very least I’ll still hope that it spreads around enough to the point we can make contact with the composer, and get the music archived in some form, because that music is what I’d consider one of the best things to come out of G2, and it wasn’t even official (Though granted I’m an admittedly obsessive BIONICLE music buff, but still).

I might have to start downloading any songs I like from YouTube now given how unpredictable this crap is starting to get.