What's the deal with brands?

Are any of you interested in clothing brands?

No offense, but what’s so good about Supreme and such?

I used to kind of care what I wore, but I smartened up a few months after, and now I wear whatever I want.

I only care about Hero factory/Bionicle clothing. Even though I never had one…

Or other cool LEGO clothing.

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“he’s has no style he’s has no grace” i just wear whatever i want

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@Toa_Radrix Exactly… Lego is the only good brand of clothing

@Bloodarchmage Smart choice lol

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Too bad we are only left with Ninjago clothing… We really need more, now that both Nexo Knights and Elves are gone.

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I can’t wait for another constraction theme. It gives multiple possibilities, and new clothing :stuck_out_tongue:

If there will be any more contraction themes… It appears that both G2 and The SW Construction figures didn’t sell very well so I don’t know how much faith they still have in it…

It’s a status symbol. A flex, if you will.

I don’t care about clothing brands that are just that, clothing brands. I’ll wear band merch, company merch, or the like to show my support and for the band or as an implicit endorsement of a company’s products. For me the criteria are that it looks cool, expresses something I would agree with or endorse (if applicable), and is functional (which is more of a factor for pants).

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I never cared about fashion or whatever. I wear what I like to wear, not what people tell me to wear. I really don’t see why girls are so obsessed with clothes. Oh well, I guess they don’t understand why we boys are obsessed with Bionicle either…

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I couldn’t agree more.
There are boys who are into fashion, etc as well.