What's Your Favourite Form Of Media?

We as humans consume media at a blinding rate. So just talk about your favorite versions of our strongest commodity. It can be anything from watching movies to spamming peoples DMs.

I actually prefer to stay up with a good book or fanfiction and listen to some alt-rock.

Discuss and have fun :slight_smile:

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Good man, good man.


Are you talking about different forms of media here (books, tv, movies, music) or different ways to spend free time? I smell my customary title change inbound… :wink:

They kinda go hand and hand, but if there is a better title for this I don’t mind changing it. I was thinking media though :slight_smile:

I’d disagree. Change it to whichever direction you want the discussion to veer towards. :smiley:

I change the discription post at the top a little to reflect the subject matter better.

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Adjusted title -legomaster

IDK if I have an absolute favourite. I love novels 'cuz I can get inside character’s heads. Movies can be great rides. TV shows come in consistent bite-sized chunks. I love Rock/Alt-Rock/Rap music.


Podcasts whilst a 4:00 bike ride in the suburbs looking up at the fall mountains and breathing in the crimson smell of ripening apples.
And people do drugs instead of this.


I like almost all types of media. Especially books and music. I honestly can’t think of one I dislike. There is always some of a certain media I like, and some I don’t like.

Video Games.

Any genre in particular?

All of them

I don’t dislike any, but I prefer RPGs and Metroidvanias.


The type of media I take in part in is reading an adventurous book( The COunt of Monte Cristo) being on the computer a lot; And playing Halo, watch morning news, YouTube, THIS, and that’s pretty much it.

Books and comics are my thing.BBBB55

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I love animation.


I prefer written media, but I really like games.

Movies are the best for an emotional response as they assault nearly all the senses.

Books are great for absorbing knowledge and deciphering meaning.

TCG games, Power metal and anime…

Oh and apparently hanging out here, cuz I can feel myself getting older just by being on this site

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I like all forms of media really, since I read a lot of books (as well as fanfiction), watch a lot of movies and play a lot of video games. But I suppose videos games would be my favorite form of media, because video games has greater potential to be emotional and compelling.

Of course, all forms of media can achieve that. But the reason I think games has the biggest potential as far as creating compelling experiences go, is simply because it’s the only form of media that is highly interactive. With books and movies, you are more of a bystander that witness it, whereas with video games you are the one actually doing everything, and I think right there lies the greater potential.

But with that being said, I like all forms of media equally, since they all have their own unique differences.

Games. Video games can tell stories like no other media. Games have this way of immersing you totally and completely in a way that is unique.

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