When was ttvchannel.com last updated?

I occasionally absentmindedly click off the boards to the big logo featured in the top left corner. It’s always the same - the last update was from March 13, 2017. I assumed that website had just been forgotten, but the cast page at least has been updated since Sokoda’s inclusion, while also listing Var has the owner of Pandemic Panda, LLC, which last I remembered was dissolved circa 2018.

Are there any plans to change the homepage or clean up other pages that might have dated content? Do enough people visit that site and not just the boards to make it worth the effort?

There was actually an update fairly recently, and it was mentioned in this topic. It may have been earlier, but that was the first time I noticed the update.

I’m specifically asking about ttvchannel.com. Not board.ttvchannel.com, which I’d assume gets a lot more attention cause it’s a lot more active.

Oh, ok then. I don’t have any idea on what happens over on that site, but I hope you find out!

I’m not adding any solutions as I don’t know what’s up with the site but I certainly would appreciate an update. I’ve went there before and it struggles to load and I can’t access the podcasts or any subpages from there.