When you're down

How do you pick yourself up again?


I eat and build.


I always try to think positive, and I usually do stuff thats really..like fun, I play some minecraft with me buds, and eating and moccing
I also dont stress bout stuff like homework, or school

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Ugh, I kinda don't. I dunno if it's just me or what, but when I'm in a bad mood, I really wanna stay in that bad mood.

Suffice to say, I try to just plain avoid it whenever possible. However, what this mostly means is that I kinda have t stay detached from a situation.

While I dunno how I get out of a low point, I do know that it must've happened at some point.

For the first two years of my High School career, I was a very depressed individual. Partially because I was kicking myself for a variety of public events in the past 8 years, partially because I had this mentality that dark was good, that it was cool or whatever, so I kinda almost made it impossible to enjoy bright things.

I was miserable, and anytime I so much as hinted to myself the possibility of living happier, I reminded myself of all the stupid things I've done.

I was very childish for a very long time. As such, I got the idea that: Happy Nyran=Embarrassing and Stupid.

Sometime in Early Sophomore year, I dunno what happened. My surroundings didn't change. The people around me didn't change, but for whatever reason, I felt better more often.

So while I don't know the answer to your original question, I do urge you to maybe just hold out hope and keep pushing through and that maybe eventually things'll look brighter.


Watch a bunch of YouTube videos or play whatever video game I'm currently obsessed with. Definitely eat. Take long hot showers. Nap. And talk to the people I love.


I kinda just do the same thing as Nyran. I just decide to push it down and detach myself from the situation. In the long run, I suppose it hasn't worked out being this angry at the world and never releasing it... At least I have friends who listen.

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Everyone gets down from time to time, that's one of the first steps of realising how to combat it. There are different methods that will work for different people, some wont be helpful to others, but its worth giving them a try;

  • Motivational Videos
  • Motivational Music
  • Exercising
  • Watching a movie
  • Playing a game-
  • Meeting with friends
  • Hugs
  • Sleep
  • Having a long warm shower/bath
  • Building Bionicle/Lego
  • Anti-Depressants
  • Talk about what's bringing you down and realise its not what defines you

I slowly pick up my aviators and look at them all epic-like, and play that one Stan Bush song "Dare"
and I put my shades on.
( •_•)>⌐■-■
Incase anyone wanted to here the song:


"And even when your hope is gone, move along, move along just to make it through, move along." - The All-American Rejects, Move Along

I try to remember that there are people that care for me. I guess I'm narcissistic in that way. :/


I can't remember the last time I wasn't depressed in at least a small way. I've pretty much always been in a perpetual state of gloom and loneliness, but I always try to put on a happy face and make sure no one else suffers as much as I do.

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Well, to start off, I have to get away from whatever brought me down. Then, depending on circumstances, I may have to eat. Once that's done, I usually either build something, maybe a new character, or just a small upgrade for Ek, or watch something, maybe Doctor Who or a movie. If chances allow, I'll also go over to my best friend's house and hang out, which always cheers me up. If none of these things work, sleep can do the trick a lot of the time.

The only time I can think of these things not working was back in August when my sister left for college. We drove over to the college, a five hour drive mind you, got everything moved into her dorm, and then things kinda blurred by, eating lunch, waiting for some welcome speech, then finally saying goodbye to someone who has been my best (and sometimes only) friend for over thirteen years. I admit I cried literally the entire way home, all five hours, at least as far as I remember. My dad even let me use his phone to browse Bricklink, even that didn't work. I don't think I actually cheered up for several days. It's the only time I can recall being that upset. But hey, here I am, living what seems like a normal life, although talking about it just about kills me all over again.


For me, what I used to always do what simply give the bad things that we're going on only enough attention to solve them, and no more. And if they couldn't be solved, I'd just not bother. No matter what was going on, I spent my time for using on things and doing things and thinking about things that made me happy. I also would pray about the situation, and everything eventually came out alright.

Nowadays, my response is a little different, but not as good as it used to be. Because of the way I've always been able to understand the thoughts and motives of people around me I've always been really good at forgiving them for anything, and because of the strategy I mentioned above, bad things never really seemed like a big deal to me. In the past six months though things have happened that have changed my perspective. Heck, no point dodging around it, I'll just say it. It was a girl. I'll straight up say that I've liked plenty of girls but never fallen in love before. But that's what happened. Well, to make a long story short, that's over. I'm sure plenty of you already know what that's like. Everybody handles it a little differently. For me, the world seems like a dimmer, plainer, more bland place now. I've gotten better, my perspective used to be far worse, but even now everything just seems pretty pointless. I kinda live for the moments with my friends or the times I'm on here or anything else that makes me happy, and everything in between is either really boring or is filled with sad memories of her. My response to bad situations is not what it used to be anymore, and I find myself less able to outweigh the bad by focusing on the good like I used to. Sorry if that got too personal, but that's just how it is with me right now. You're all great people though smile


I'm going to slightly revise my original statement, but I'll have to wait until I'm at a PC later today.

Ah, so I'm not the only one stuck operating on mobile right now. I feel your pain, brother.


I used to have this problem allot, and still do sometimes.

What I would usually do is put myself in a room where I am alone, and either leave myself to my thoughts, or build something out of LEGOs. Sometimes I would just go on my computer and play some kind of game to keep my mind off of things, or listen to some music also as a distraction.

More recently I will go on Skype and talk to my friends, and that always finds a way to put a smile on my face.


Smash Bros. Nothing better than killing some level one CPUs to vent my anger.

When I'm sad, I listen to video game soundtracks. I don't usually get sad though.


I may be misunderstanding what you're saying, But I don't think narcissism is what you think it is.
Narcissism is being so focused on yourself that you don't even realize that you are hurting others with your self-centeredness.

Are you me?
This is literally what I do every time I get depressed.
(Depressed as in I just get sad, not clinical depression)

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Usually I'll go outside and walk around in the neighbor's yard. Since I have no interaction with other human beings whatsoever, it allows me to think critically about whatever happened, if I feel like it, or ignore it and come up with some story concepts.

Sometimes I'll tell someone else about my feelings. But not often.

Also, another thing I'll do is not talk. At all. Because when I get down, I tend to get cynical and sarcastic, and would probably offend someone if I opened my mouth.

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I never felt comfortable talking about my feelings, but in school, I had a solution: I would write it down, knowing that anything I wrote or drew, one of my classmates (one in particular, not one in general) would either ask to look at it, or take it and look at it when I wasn't looking (or when I was).

I also learned to never write my secrets around this person.

I don't really get depressed a whole lot lately. My unusual ability to figure out how things will work out helps with that.

I do this. I find a place to be alone and I pace. And then I figure out the problem. Or I come up with a new story, and forget I had a problem.

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I generally do get into these dark places. It's not so much that something happened, but that I've just been way overthinking things. Usually my imagination likes to focus on the darker stuff, like mortality and infinity. I honestly haven't developed any system aside from letting it build up inside until I can't take it anymore and I just kinda explode.

I do have friends to talk with and help me get out a little of this, but a lot of my issues are more personal and I really can't talk with people about it. Getting back into BIONICLE and finding this awesome community has been really helpful for me.

Generally, it helped me to listen to music and play video games back in the summer. Losing myself in another world and forgetting about ours has been my one solace.

Thank you guys for helping me, even if you didn't know it. You guys are hilarious and amazing and I'd probably be one depressed SoB if you weren't here.