Where Have You Found Old BIONICLE Sets?

Whether it be a thrift shop, a liquidation store, flea market, garage sale, or at school, I would like to know what places other than a supermarket or Lego store that you have found Bionicle sets (intact or wrecked).

I found whole lots of Bionicle sets and parts at Value Village (thrift store) a few months ago. Every few weeks I would go there and there would be a new bag of parts (somebody in my area must've been a heavy collector and decided to donate them all away). But now, there are no more.

At school I found a bunch of Mctoran and metrutoran in a box labled "stop-motion figures" locked away in a cabinet in the tech room. There was also a box of assorted parts that I found in my school's "play-room".


My parts bin

Lol I don't know


I found Ehlek at a garage sale once.


I once got Kalmah from a friend at my old school who didn't want him anymore. Was missing a piece of armor and both orange tentacles, but pretty good deal.

A classmate of my dad has a ton of Lego and Bionicle in his basement. He said he'll ship the Bionicle to me for free, because he doesn't use it anymore. There are a bunch of unopened Bohrok in there too.


The only Post-End set I got was Lesovikk and he was on Amazon, so.



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best place ever to find them, also seen some on CL

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What is CL?

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I just found two Pohatu Nuva's today at a liquidation store :stuck_out_tongue:


never heard of a liquidation store, but pawn shops might have some

Yes, I saw your post on the "look what I got" topic, and that gave me the inspiration to create this topic as a matter of fact.


Ebay, Amazon, pawn shops, Goodwill. There is also a hobby shop near me that has a bin of sets.

Bionicle? In Pawn shops? All they sell is old relics, furniture, instruments, and knick-knacks

Target, Bricklink, the Lego store, you know those places

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None. cry

Althought, I did find a toa mahri in a K-mart on sale once, back in 2009/2010. I don't remember it except that it was a Toa Mahri and I think it was Nuparu.

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I found a Gahlok once in good condition, though it was a very long time ago.


I've found a Boy Scout in my community, his father a Troop Leader, and found countless parts in a full closet. I didn't take any home, but I know it contains Vezok, Turahk, Gali Nuva, Pohatu Nuva, A Boxor, and countless others. Needless to say, I hope he hosts a garage sale sometime.


Does a toy convention count?

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What? I would've been like