Which bionicle species would you want to be part of

so what species do you want to be part of and if the species posseses some powers and elements to chosse from and please say why and say your opinion on this post and posts of others and enjoz it can be anz species in bionicle from the agori thro the makuta to the shadowed ones species and please enjoy and create a conversacion in this topic


Well, certainly not a Zyglak (is that how you spell it?)
Probably Agori/Glatorian.

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I would probably be a Matoran, Toa or Skakdi.

Makuta, they are extremely powerful in multiple ways.


I would want to be a Makuta. I want to be feared, and I want to have the power to make people realize they don't fear me enough.

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hey if you would makuta what land would you want to overseer

In the MU, I'd want to oversee a Southern Island. No one would really pay attention to what I was doing over there.

On Spherus Magna, I'd wanna oversee the Ice Region, specifically White Quartz mountains. It's cold and hard to get to.

On Earth, I'd want to oversee Alaska/Siberia, for the same reason as the White Quartz mountains.

great choice

i would personly wanted tobe makuta overseeing xia for that neat technology thay manifacture like cordak blaster whitch is basicly misile launching minigun or the forest of blades becase creepz forest with wariors fused to trees so i could use spear of the fusion and brainwashed them too join my army then also a part of shadowed one species becase giant rahkshi-wortix faced horned tusked freaks of nature with an special abyliti
that i would want have tyrants heat absorpsion

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Either Glatorian or Ehlek's Species.

I'd want to be a Makuta, but they all were destined to die. That kind of rules out that option.

That leaves it between Skadi or Baterra. The powers and appearances of both are very intimidating.

Then again, if my main reason is to be powerful and intimidating, I probably should go with the Great Beings

I'd just be a plain old Bo-Matoran.

Probably either Skakdi or Toa, at least they're not blind.

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Well dang this is awkward.

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I'd be a slave male Vortixx.

A Matoran or member of Axonn's species

a Toa of Light.

I would be a Tarakava so I could roll around on my tread all day and punch things in the face. Also I couldn't leave the house because stairs.


skrall are subspiecies of the glatorian not glatorian they are a bioproduct from glatorian
evolution and are much more hivemindish and have multiple castes and their mind is much more simple and they can,t think at psichical level of glatorian except female ones
and highest caste like tuma and their language is comprized of simple whistels ,roars noises like rahi birds in MU