Which body part is hardest to build custom?

And I’m talking fully custom, technic-based builds. For me it’s the arms. I always have trouble making a design that I like compact enough to fit the proportions of a MOC. They usually come out too long and I have to go back and completely re-do it. For example, I spent about two hours tonight designing just the UPPER arm segment of a MOC. And those are usually easier than the lower arms. Anyway, what part of the body gives you the most trouble?


Any part is hard for me to customize, because I have a hard time customizing stuff.


For me, the forearms give me the most trouble for some reason.


I find the limbs and head are most difficult. My current MOC I’ve been working on took me two days to make the chest and the thighs. It took two weeks to make the lower legs, and I’m not very far on the arms or head.

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@MiraculousPrime Dang, those must be some sweet legs!

They’re okay IMO. Most of it was a lack of time and boredom.

For me, it always depends on what parts I have available. But I can’t think of a time where I’ve successfully made custom feet, or hands really, so I’d say those would be mine.

I have a lot of trouble with forearms, so forearms.

the body and legs are tough for me.

Limbs are the worst for me.


Legs. I always have trouble making them look armored, while still being custom builds. And making sure they’re stable enough to support the weight of the MOC…

For the past three weeks, I’ve been trying all different styles for my self-MOC’s legs…no decent results. :’(

I can’t even custom to begin with =P

Nuff said


True story :smile: At least he knows how to everything else.

I gotta agree with gar

Limbs r annoying.


Lower legs were always difficult to me, but recently I’m struggling a lot with custom torsos. :confused:

You n me both

hence the meme

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Assuming, I go for the same quality on everything, I find each part of the build equally difficult (except the head, I hardly do anything special there).

It can be tricky to get a good looking torso but I think it’s harder making arms.