Which generation of sets should I get?

Should I focus on collecting G1 or G2 sets? Should I collect both?

Both, but primarily G2. Once G2 gets cancelled, I guarantee you those prices will skyrocket. Also, that helps support G2, whilst G1 stuff is purely for personal enjoyment.
But in the end we’re all just a bunch of stardust running around on some wet rock, so it’s up to you what to get.


Is that even a question? G1 all da’ way.

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I would go with G2 . You have a better shot now before they become rare. If you really want any particular G1 sets, go ahead and get them, but I wouldn’t bother collecting old sets as new sets are coming out.


G2, then wait a few year and sell them for A LOT of money.

Well put it this way. G1 BIONICLE sets have the nostalgic value where you can get the sets that you’ve always wanted since you where a kid. But they are more expensive to obtain.
While the G2 sets are more easily available, especially if you want to collect every single one. But if my advice ruins your life, it ain’t my fault…

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Warning, go with the cheaper rout for now, plus these new sets are a lot better in terms of movement and actions.

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I’m gonna say G2 for the time

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I agree with this man



ALL the Bionicle sets!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I’d focus on buying the best of both:
masks from G1 and CCBS from G2.

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Well I have some of the G1 sets, but now I’m focusing only on G2. Cuz u know it’s easier to get and they’ve also got some value for the new story.
So yeah, G2 all the way :smiley:

Focus on gen 2. Well, I guess it’s easy for me to say, seeing as I’ve pretty much finished gen 1.

But when gen 2 is over, that might be it. People will get nostalgic with the sets currently out and will want to buy them again, guaranteeing a higher value in the future.

Id recommend starting from the Toa Mata forward, i bet the older the sets are the faster they’ll sky rocket, just look at Transformers G1. A Gen 1 Optimus Prime MIB is like $400!

Do you have every set and mask?


Pretty much. Still working on the masks though.

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I envy you



I get that a lot.

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both but primarily G2

Definitely Gen2. The sets so far are not that bad (save Skull Scorpio).