Which team of Toa are the most powerful?

Hey guys, this is Coolio, and I am back, and I know it has been a while. Anyway, I would like to discuss the most powerful of the team of Toa throughout the years. There are a whole lot, but which one are the strongest? It seems like an important discussion. I do not know if this was something that was already discussed, but I would like your opinions on this. Feel free to express your thoughts.

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The Toa Okoto because they destroyed an entire city in less than a day.


Toa Mahri just because


@Spoooooopy_velcro I think it was just Jaller. He was going to sacrifice himself and the other 4 Toa to give Matoro time to save Mata Nui . He was going to go super nova and blow the place up.

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My point exactly also matoro was the only Toa with the ability to wear the mask of life

Correction, it is called a Nova Blast.

There was at least one Toa before Matoro who donned the Kanohi Ignika. =P

I feel that either the Toa Nuva, or the Toa Okoto, as we are apparently calling them, are the most powerful.

The Toa Nuva literally have greater control over his or her element than a "average Joe" Toa.

But as we saw, the Toa Okoto can destroy a city in less than a day. But keep in mind that the city was in ruins.


I think the Nuva, 08' edition were probably the best. Improved elemental and mask abilities, plus the extreme versatility offered by the adaptable armor put them ahead of the others.

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@TFM101 Well, I am pretty sure it was Onua who destroyed the city. He "hit the lever".
@OculusNuva What about the Toa Metru? They put Makuta in a "protodermis pancake", because of their unity.

Even though they got rekt by the Piraka and the rookie Inika team did better than them, I'm pretty sure it is stated that the Nuva are the most powerful team in terms of raw power.
I don't have any sources or proof behind this, though, it's simply what I've heard.

The Inika were, but they turned into the Mahri. So as of right now, it's the Toa Nuva.

I'm going to be that guy to say that Lhikan's team is/was the strongest team. Bear in mind that in an alternate timeline, Toa Tuyet became a fighter on par with some of the more legendary fighters.

Nuva. The just got beaten because the Piraka were stronger than anything faced before by the main Nuva team and Brutaka caught them off guard.

Mangai. I would normally say Nuva, but the Mangai had somethings they didn't. Although the Toa Okoto are pretty high up the list right now with Onua...must be the purple.

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all toa can do that.

all toa can do that.

it's called a toa seal.

mangai had more members,
inika in raw power
nuva currently

Probably the toa nuva, mostly because of their adaptive armor.

To defend them in power, the Inika. Lightning powers, trainers that train you how to use them (their organic mask), and then being part of 2006.

Well Jovan, Toa of sonics donned it before Matoro. Before him several great beings touched it and went mad... sorta shows you the power of the mask...

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In terms of power the Toa Nuva were the most powerful, they only lost to the Piraka because they were ignorant of their powerful abilities, also the team dynamic wasn't perfected until 08. In terms of experience The Toa Hagah or the Toa Mangai have the advantage both having served for tens of thousands of years, plus the Toa Hagah have very powerful masks. Overall the Nuva are the most powerful. The reason I have not included the Toa Okoto is because I feel there has not yet been a good show of their elemental power strength or their physical abilities, also they don't have mask powers, yet.


Jovan was alive until Voya Nui kill-la-killed Mata Nui's abdomen, and was a Turaga of Voya Nui until that point. And a Toa of Magnetism. =P

A member of the Toa Cordak, I believe, had to save the MU by using the Ignika.
That's all I remember up to this point.
after checking BioSector01...
So, you were right. But:

It was only one.

Now onto the sacrifice...

It was only one Toa before.

It was not Jovan, but a member of his team. And Jovan was

not a Toa of Sonics.
And the team member's element was not revealed.

Alas, I believe I have made my point.
And for some peculiar reason, I am typing in 1700's English.

I believe the most powerful team set wise would be either the Inika or the Nuva. History wise, it would be Jovan's team. Information wise, it would be the Hagah.