Which would you rather have: reboot or continuation?

vs. Continuation of Bionicle

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I'd personally like a continuation, as impossible as that probably is to happen. stuck_out_tongue

I'd be fine with either, I'm just happy it's coming back to be honest stuck_out_tongue

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Continuation! It's a new slate so LEGO can come up with an entirely new amazing story!

I'd rather have a reboot. I thought the story in Gen1 got way too complicated and convoluted. I don't want it "dumbed down" but more streamlined. Not have all these places and characters that never get shown or never had sets of them made. It made the story really confusing and ultimately, the story being hard to get into later on was Bionicle's undoing.

yeah, a reboot would be awesome.

I'd like a brand new story, not because the first ten years of Bionicle were that complex (discounting the serials, I only followed the main story) but I think the original story stopped at a good point where it doesn't need to be continued.



As a fan of BIONICLE right up untilt he end, obviously a continuation would be somewhat cool so as to not discard the story that had been built up. THAT BEING SAID... I wasn't exactly pleased with the direction the story was heading in the serials. It was getting pretty ridiculous, and I'm not sure I'd like to see those particular plot threads followed up on (looking at you, Red Star).

There are two scenarios in which a continuation could be handled in such a way that I would be pleased.

  • Retcon the serials. Just start anew with a new post-2010 storyline that disregards elements such as the Red Star, Gold-skinned being, Lewa stranded on Bota Magna, and Velika. Just pick up with a new storyline directly following the death of Teridax.
  • Set it far into the future. A "reboot" does not necessarily have to undo all prior story. Lego could achieve a successful reboot, of sorts, by setting the storyline of BIONICLE 2015 faaaaaaar into the future, way after the death of Teridax. You could still have some old characters, but so much would have changed in the world it would feel new and fresh.

That being said, I think a reboot is the way to go and I believe it is the way Lego will end up going. Just start a new story, with some of the established BIONICLE plot elements (such as masks, elements, etc.) but have completely new circumstances and begin a new path. It would certainly have the least baggage and would have the greatest chance of being profitable.



I agree with Invi. The old story was great, but aside from those two serials afterwards ("The Powers that be" and "The Yesterday Quest"), the story ended at great point. A fresh start would let LEGO make some positive changes to some aspects of the story without having to stay bound to old plot points and story concepts.


I want it to be like what ninjago did. Ninjago rebooted happened after the battle with the overlord, but it wasnt necessary to know that to watch the new series. I want them to do that with BIONICLE. A continuation, but nothing involving the old story. That way the old fans will be able to enjoy bionicle continue, while the new fans will be able to get into the story without questioning "When did spherus magna have two moons" or "who is makuta teridax" and stuff like that. the old fans will know what happened, but the young fans wont need to know to get into it. If lego wants to make it popular again, that is a good way to do it.

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or should i say Bara Magna. that would raise more questions with new fans.

no, not impossible. Hard maybe, but not impossible

Two years summarizing the original storyline, then continuation.

I really wasn't that much of a fan of the Glatorians and Agori stuff so I would love to see a reboot.

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Your decision is going to be swayed by whether you care about buying the sets or not. Anyone who doesn't plan on purchasing them probably would just want the story to be concluded. (Unless of course you don't care about the serials in which case you did get a conclusion.)

I'm just going to get the sets no matter what. they look badass (could I please get some clarification on whether I'm allowed to say that or not? I'm not sure if it's classified as profanity)

If the commentary for Kung Fu Panda (A PG film) said that about Shen, that peacock guy, then you can.

That's not exactly true, I bought sets from every wave up until the end and I just want something brand new.

@Jamescax that's exactly why BZP allows it, right? It's more up to moderator discretion I think.

I would love a continuation because there is just so much you can explore with Spherus Magna, but I feel that Lego will go for a reboot of sorts. Bionicle 2010 ended solidly with only the serials leaving loose ends. Like Meso said, Lego can always retcon those and start right where they left off with the world we just discovered.

I'm good with pretty much anything, as long as it is not a reboot in any form.