Who ARE the Protectors

Seriously, who are these defenders? are they just plain old matoran - or something more? My personal theory is that they are in some way related to the Elemental Lords, or maybe they are just an army. I don't know, so we must begin a SPECULATION STATION!!! #onepusback2015


To be clear, do we actually know if they are really called "defenders" or is that just another preliminary translation? I apologize if I sound ignorant, I've been out of the loop for the past few weeks...

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@legomaster1378 ok

Its really tough to tell from the box picture, but I can sort-of make out the word defender on the Jungle/Wind/Green small set, as well as "Lewa: Master of __" so I think the translations may be correct (at least up to this concept). As for who/what they are, I believe they are either matoran/agori. My theory behind the same masks is that LEGO is trying to make them just generic villagers so that you can customize them yourself with your own masks (provided the collectible masks return).


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Allow me to tell you what i think. They are Matoran and Agori, who are armored up to fight better against threats. sort of like HF when they got giant robotic things that the heroes controlled. (sorry if im wrong, i know nothing of HF). It may even be suited up agori/matoran who are defending the masks from the spiders, and may even challenge the toa themselves to keep them from the masks. Just like in 01, the toa had to go through a sort of "rite of passage" to get the masks. I REALLY like the jungle and stone defenders they are awesome.

I had assumed that they were neutral guardians of the "Masks of Power" that would fight both Toa and Skull Spiders alike in their goal to defend the masks.

Seeing that they literally come with Skull Spiders implies that they're meant to fight them specifically. So I don't know. Probably Matoran.

It's my theory (and it'll probably anger a lot of people) that they're dropping the words "Toa" and "Matoran" and replacing them with "Master" and "Defender" entirely.



If so, if the so called defenders fill in for matoran, i think it would be mor of a con than something good, because they pulled more or less the same thing with the agori (granted you wouldn't buy Raanu twice or any other of those sets. But it just seemed like a lack of effort, so hopefully, they are, as Mesonak stated, neutral mask defenders.

They are deciples of Omega Tahu.


Have you ever showed your Omega Tahu moc to anyone who is outside of the TTV cast, because i would really like to see it

Defend it all. It must be defended.


If they're neutral, then they could be robots constructed by the Great Beings.

Maybe they're robots made to defend the mask of creation. Or they're enslaved Agori made by Teridax to defend the mask of creation from the Toa.

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I'm hoping that the 'Defenders' will think that the Toa are evil and will be fighting with them to begin with. Of course, this is just my hope for the story.

Probably they will be just village defenders. Maybe robots since they all have the same mask.

It is sad that they might drop "Toa" and "Matoran", but honestly it makes sense.

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This is sort of a mix between what I hope they will be and what I expect them to be. In the images, they are all wearing the same mask and appear to have nearly identical body builds, so it's my belief that they will be villagers (matoran) who are fighting back against the threat of attack, similar to the Voya Nui Resistance Team. They're clearly fighting against the spider creatures, so I do not believe they will be defending anything from the Toa (or "Masters"). Whether they have specific names or back-stories is unknown, but I would love if they did, just to help personify them a little more. Also, the Jungle Defender looks awesome, and will likely be my very first purchase from the line.

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Mine will definitely be all 6 Toa Mata.

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I kinda thought they would be like Bohrok, exept instead of destroying everything, they protect and defend the land.