Who Is The Best Toa?

Who is the best toa in canon.
Based on physical ability
Mental ability
And overall

I want to know what you guys think


I would probably have to say Wartoa.



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Lewa, because he's my favorite and that's all the reasons you need.


Best duo Pohatu, Kopaka


Best toa would be Nuparu.


1- Kopaka
2- Nuparu

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physical ability- Likely Onua

Mental ability- Hmm, I'ma say Helryx, because of her Mask and extreme age and experience

Powers-Any of the Nuva. But that's a Cop Out. Or maybe Tuyet? But that's the Nui Stone. So I'll say Lhikan. He can turn Fire into Frikken Laser Beams

Accomplishments- Either Helryx or Lhikan.

And overall- My favorite Toa character is Jaller.



Physical- Jaller
Mental- Nuparu
Powers- Nuju
Accomplishments- Matoro
Overall- Tahu

That is a good question...

I really don't know. I personally always liked Matoro, Kopaka, and Pohatu, but in terms of experience Lhikan or Helryx gets it. As for power, hm. The Nuva are obviously powerful, especially with the Adaptive Armour, but I think some of the other elements would be really useful, specifically gravity and magnetism. The Toa Code could get in the way sometimes, so Helryx wins another one.

You also have to consider their Kanohi. Once again, the Nuva have six different Kanohi at their disposal. But... the Mask of Possibilities, Mask of Intangibility, and Mask of Adaption all seem like they would be very useful.

You could also consider the Toa's successes. Matoro comes to mind, seeing as he SAVED MATA NUI. Yet Helryx has been around awhile.

Another important thing to consider is how intelligent the Toa is. There are quite a few very wise Toa, like Onua, Gali, Matoro, Lhikan, and Helryx.

Overall, I gotta say Helryx. Even though she doesn't have a particularly stand-out element, or powerful Kanohi, she is possibly, in my opinion, the best.


In terms of physical ability, I would say Pohatu; because he is said to be the strongest of the Toa Mata/Nuva physically.

With mental ability, Vakama is my choice. I've always liked the idea of Vakama getting visions of the future, especially in Legends of Metru Nui with the way the visions were shown throughout the movie.

Power-wise, Takanuva from 2008 because the concept of a Toa with two elements at once was always an interesting idea to me. Also because with the shadow powers, he had those dark temptations, like getting tempted to kill Bitil and Chirox.

Accomplishments would be Matoro. I feel that his sacrifice was one of the more powerful events in the story; willing to sacrifice himself for the entire Matoran Universe and save his friends from getting killed by the Barraki.

And my overall favourite is Jaller, because he tries to break the mold in terms of the hot-tempered characteristic that seems to be traditional for Toa of Fire; as well as the fact that he took time to get input from his teammates, rather than disregard their viewpoints.

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physical ability: Onewa
Mental ability: tuyet
Powers: Gota give credit to Onua:
accomplishments: Takanuva man...
And overall: Vakama

Don't judge me, I can't really think straight atm

Physical- Onua
Mental- Nuparu or Kopaka
Powers- Takanuva
accomplishments- Matoro
Overall- Probably Taka, but I'm not certain that this can actually be judged

Well Vakama certainly is not the best

  • physical- he's a wimp

  • mental- constantly struggles with depression, lack of self esteem, and hallucinations

  • powers- he was the last to find his kanohi power and the metru were deprived of their elements for most of the story so he basically had none for a while.

  • accomplishments- in elaborate fraud, he and some friends obtained means of accelerated aging to get senior citizen discounts and scam businesses all over Mata Nui


Accomplishments: he beat Teridax on his own twice. And the Shadowed One, kinda. And Sentrakh. And he formed the Mask of Time.
powers: he has a Mask power, an elemental power, and one bonus power no other Toa has.
mental: he can do complex math in his head, a talent shown a few times, and is actually kinda smart, when he tries.
physical: well, what do you expect, Onua?

Physically: Onewa
Mentally: Nuju
Powers: Helryx
Accomplishments: that Ice Toa that saved Mata Nui, or maybe Vakama
Overall: Click


Ekorak master race

Physically, without a doubt Pohatu. Strength of a Toa of Stone, speed faster than just about anything.
Mentally, probably either Nuju, Kopaka, or maybe Helryx.
Powers, Helryx. Hands down.
Accomplishments, Matoro without a doubt. There is no other known Toa to make such a sacrifice.
Overall, I have to say probably Pohatu again. He's just well rounded.

NON-CANON (from my own story)
Physically, Wolvix. In his protowolf form he can easily pick up way more than any Toa with a Pakari.
Mentally, probably.....Ekorak :3 Although half the time his survival is either due to some alternate universe version of him coming in at the last second with a Woltrak and saving him from some explosion, or just plain dumb luck.
Powers, ehh got to say Fyrel. He has control over the element of BLOOD. HE CAN MAKE PEOPLE EXPLODE FROM A MILE AWAY.
Accomplishments, Ekorak again. Mostly due to his alternate versions. Spoilers for those who have a chance of actually reading my later stories whenever they come out.
So the reason I say this is because one alternate form of Ekorak traveled from the future of his own universe (Corrupted Heroes) to the past of the Prime, after learning some interesting things from the Ekorak of the Brotherhood of War universe (The Hero version). He learned that any Toa of Shadows with enough energy and skill can become a Makuta, but at the cost of being forgotten. The Corrupted Heroes version of Ekorak jumped on this and immediately donned a Mask of Selective Amnesia, tracking down everyone who knew about him and forcing them to forget him. After several years of this he finally was forgotten. Unfortunately, in order to remain Makuta, he had to travel to another universe to avoid anyone from his universe from remembering him. He also traveled to the past, locking himself in the Silver Peaks Antiworld along with the Prime Ekorak (the future Hunter) and began forging a Fourth Legendary Mask of Power, the Mask of Omnipresence. So yeah I'd say Ek has a pretty impressive resume on his hands.
Overall I have none. I like my characters balanced, thus why I spread Ek's importance out over so many parallel versions.


Either Matoro or Takanuva overall. Matoro is the destined wearer of the Ignika, and during the time he wore it, before he died, he was likely extremely powerful. I also say Takanuva because light is seen as such a strong, good force in the Matoran universe, and he embodies it. He is the strongest threat to the Makuta race, and his abilities will only continue to grow. Also, in Karda Nui, he was able to wield both light and shadow, making him the only known Toa to control two elements. Not only that, but the massive size and flight ability during that time gave him a great physical advantage against the Brotherhood. I've always thought of Takanuva as the Anakin Skywalker of the Matoran universe.

So, in short- Matoro was the saviour of Mata Nui and everything inside him, an accomplishment that pretty much outweighs all others. Takanuva is wields an extremely potent element that is central to the story, and, especially during his time in Karda Nui, he has extreme power that outshines all others. (No pun intended)

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Someone hasn't read Time Trap...

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