Who is your favorite/least favorite villain in Bionicle?

I can’t choose a single one here, they are all too cool.
Favorites: Piraka (Zaktan especially), Vezon (is he really that bad, actually?), Terridax, Krika (and is he bad at all?), Pridak, The Shadowed One, Karzahni, Tuma. So yeah, every single big-leader-villain, I am inoriginal, I know.
And the least favorites: Bitil (sorta corrupted one), Vamprah, Icarax (both are warrior type of character, I think they are little bit stupid for Makutas), Kalmah (the only Barraki of whom I can’t say anything aside “he made those Squid Launchers”).


Yeah vezon has gotten a lot of redemption. and Krika did only evil stuff cause he wanted to survive.

My favorite is Vezok because he is a beast.

My least favorite is Hakkan because he is a bully.


Least Favorite: Vezon
Vezon is a Joker wannabe that never shuts up. It wouldn’t surprise me if he was inspired from Greg’s growing insanity from working on Bionicle.

Favorite: Vezon
Vezon is the best villain because he’s unpredictable. It greatly informs his sense of humor which really seals him in my mind as the best villain of Bionicle. You know that he knows that we all live in a society.



Honestly, Vezon in 2006 is one of my favorite characters. The thing is that while Vezon was intended to be funny, the mask of life made him a serious threat. Like the Joker, he can make you laugh but still carries an aura of danger, knowing he could snap and kill you any moment. When he lost his powers, he was reduced to pure comic relief. Maybe if he ever masters his new dimension hoping powers, he could be an interesting threat again, who knows?

I also really like the Barraki’s backstory, though like many villain teams, only a few of them stand out personality wise.

As for for least favorite… If we’re counting G2, I’d say the elemental beasts. They didn’t really provide any world building or did anything cool. They’re just transformed shadow traps that were filler before the showdown with Umarak, and then immediately forgotten about.


Is Tren Krom even a villain? He’s neutral as far as I’m concerned, with his most notable action being “allying” himself with Lewa to fight Teridax, arguably an Antihero action rather than a villainous one.

As for my picks, my favorite aside from the obvious ones would have to be Brutaka (Even though he also steps into Antihero territory, I’d count it more as a redemption arc), because of his… interesting relationship with Makuta, and because of his unique perspective and knowledge as a former OOMN Member, and as such is constantly elevated above the actions of other regular villains. He’s also a nice play on the “what you are in the dark” trope because he turned after believing that it didn’t matter anymore since Mata Nui had died.

My bottom pick would be Morbuzakh, because it doesn’t have much character. Although it’s refreshing to have the Toa fight a force of nature instead of a complex character for a change, The Rahi and Bohrok did a way better job of being an omnipresent single-minded threat. while also being way more interesting.

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I think the reason I like Roodaka is her raw ability for manipulation and inherent intelligence. I really like a smart villain, and Roodaka delivered a multifaceted approach to villainy that left a strong impression on me as to what a manipulative villain should look like. I also find her backstory to be quite interesting. Granted, her depiction in Federation of Fear didn’t engage me quite as much, but 2005 Roodaka set a precedent that cemented her as one of my favorite villains in BIONICLE.

Plus she’s one of my favorite sets, so… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Inb4 Teridax.
That said, half the villain cast is low key galaxy brained with the other half having a backstory where they used to be galaxy brained until they got a concussion.


My favorite villain is probably one of the Makuta, probably Antroz or Krika.
I really like Krika, especially because of his backstory and how he had to follow along with The Plan so he could survive.
Of all the villains, my least favorite is Sidorak, because in the movie he was just portrayed as some ignorant buffoon of a king. He was better in the books.

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I’ll direct you to my post a little ways above, in which I said:

…mainly because he’s a genius. I like smart villains enough that I don’t get tired of them easily, so Roodaka and the myriad other smart villains in BIONICLE just makes me enjoy it more.

Fully agree. Just because they’re all smart does not mean they’re boring or same-y. They still have vastly different motivations, methods, and abilities that set them apart.
Rather the opposite. If you make them stupid you severely limit the agency and impact they can have on the plot. (As I said about Morbuzahk being more of an obstacle than a character). It takes a very good execution to set multiple dumb or static villains apart from each other, although I have to say the simple villains that Bionicle does have it usually handles well too.

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I’ve always considered BIONICLE to be a highly villain-driven story, which probably derives from the characteristics you mentioned. The majority of villains–and Teridax above all–exhibited a high level of agency that cultivated the plot as well as other characters. That’s also part of why I like the Piraka: none of them are utterly clueless, all have their own motives, and all are capable of pulling a fast one on the others. Six villains of that caliber in one story year was incredible. Granted, I guess, Avak was shafted for screentime, but that’s Avak for you…


Favorite: Icarax, I think his pure strength approach is refreshing compared to villains who are always scheming from the shadows.

Least favorite: Going to have an unpopular opinion and say Teridax. I liked him as a set, but in the story I honestly got kind of annoyed how he seemed to basically know everything. There was never a moment where he was stumped or we saw a different side to him, everything was all part of his big evil master plan. It just got tiring to me after a while, like it was made very clear that every other villain was inconsequential compared to him, and it seemed like he could basically never lose which to me just isn’t very interesting.


Favourites - vezon and lariska since i just find them really cool and funny and lariska says my fav bionicle line

Least favourite - As much as i love 09 i have to say Tuma, he was started out genuinely menacing but he was killed like a video game boss and just was kinda anti-climatic


This is honestly just the Skrall in general. All of the other books and written media built up the Skrall really well as nigh-unbeatable warriors; they had never been beaten in one-on-one combat, and they could take whatever they wanted. It wasn’t even clear at the start of the story (chronologically, at least) if they were The Bad Guys, or just a really aggressive tribe. To top it all off, they even had a really cool origin story in which they were arguably almost kind of the good guys.

Then the movie came along, and they were turned into screeching swarm villains, and the heroes suddenly felt comfortable joking about taking them 20-to-1.

And then, as you said, Tuma; he was the one behind everything good I just said about the Skrall, and he had the added depth of being singlehandedly responsible for the safety of his people. He was such an interesting character, and they made it clear that he was extremely physically capable, what with him being the last of an elite breed of Skrall. The way he went out was extremely disappointing. If they weren’t restricted by the movie’s need for a simple, open-and-shut plot, Tuma easily could have become a huge character in the post-2010 story.

The one good thing I can say about Tuma’s depiction in the movie is that I appreciate the plot continuity of his “weak spot” being an injury from the Baterra attack in Empire Of The Skrall, whether it was planned by the writers of the movie or not. (I’ll also ignore the fact that his damaged tissue apparently produces sparks)


The guy would have made such a good Anti-Mata Nui. A lot of wasted potential.

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Yeah that’s my main problem with The Legend Reborn

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