Who were the most important Toa?

Here you can post who you think were the most important toa to canon, according to what they did. I think it was the toa mahri, cause they saved an entire universe!

I agree... But not much Toa teams have been revealed so...

Toa Mata (with Takanuva)- awakened the great spirit and made the giant spirit robot rise again and were instrumental in the battle between Mata Nui and Makuta (aka Golden armor on Tahu)
Toa Inika/Mahri- Brought back the Ignika and saved Mata Nui spirit (RIP Matoro)
Toa Metru- Saved all of the Matoran from Metru Nui during the Great Cataclysm and protected and guided them even after their Toa powers have been depleted.


That are what I think.

Debetable, they wouldnt exist if not for the Toa Metru and Toa Mata. While Toa Metru are instrumental for everything that happened from 2001 and onwards, Toa Mata are the ones that do the main job of bringing Mata Nui back and saving the world. Granted Toa Matoro should be credited for his deed without who the Great Spirit would die, but the rest of the Mahri arent so influential besides bringing the mask back.

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So I guess really, all of them are pretty important for different reasons.


That they are.

Well really I'd say Toa metru because without them nothing would have happened and makuta would have won but personally I'd actually say toa mata because they defended the matoran unlike the rest of the toa who where fighting for mata nui who didn't deserve it...

If i recall correctly, the matoran didnt even need defending.

Wait what? Did I miss something...

They were doing fine on their own, with the Ta-koro guard and other defense groups.

Well, we are forgetting the Mangaia and the Hagah. Both of which had pretty instrumental roles as well. I'm just gonna subscribe to the "They're all equally important" train of thought here.


The Mahri definitely did the most important work, but their job was also arguably the easiest. Their entire adventure took about a week (and 2007 took place within a single day), and the Piraka were pretty easy for them to defeat given how powerful they were as Inika

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Maybe at the time but seeing as the number of matoran is finite and the number of rahi is presumably infinite they weren't going to last for ever. plus if some how they managed to live forever constantly fighting rahi they wouldn't be living. They'd be surviving...

Why would the rahi be infinite?


yeah. all the rahi are from the Archives, so there can't be an infinite amount. Unless Makuta was continually creating Rahi in his lair (which I doubt considering how lazy he was during 01-03) there was only a certain amount of Rahi.

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if we're talking about individual toa instead of toa groups, I'd have to say either Matoro or Takanuva: Matoro sacrificed his life to save the mask of life and thus saving everyone and takanuva defeated makuta for a while... yeah, Matoro's more important

From what I remember the rahi where made by the makutas so if rahi levels grew thin makuta would just make more... or release the bohrock

Mata/Nuva, definitely. Throughout the three teams we got, the overall goal was to awaken Mata Nui and defeat Makuta. All three played very major roles in this goal, but it was the Mata/Nuva who did the deed of awakening him, and they, specifically Tahu, set up Makuta to be killed by Mata Nui.