Why all the hate on Lewa's new color scheme?

That can easily be fixed with one of these: bricker.info/images/parts/90612.jpg

Seeing the protector of Jungle’s color scheme looks pretty good, I’m sure Lewa’s will also look nice.

UPDATE: My brother got Lewa… His colors look spectacular!


That actually does taste good… If you like broccoli… and cheese…

Nothing. I think it’s very nice!

Lewa is fine I hate the gold on kopaka

I think that the reason that people dont like Lewas new color scheme is because the green color is very bright

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i was mainly referring to the keet orange.

In that case i see no problem with the color scheme.


I don’t mind keetorange


The color scheme I dont mind, its that dand namit neck that lacks movement.


I love it, along with all the other colours in these sets so far. dark azure and dark orange are my favourite shades of blue and brown, while bright green and flame yellowish orange are probably my two favourite colours on lego’s palette.

I totally agree, but you might want to consider changing the wording.

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Every time there is a new generation of something from our childhood coming out, the gewunners will always complain how Gen 1 was the end all, be all, best thing ever and everything coming out behind it is garbage.

As for Lewa’s color scheme, I like it, It matches with a Jungle, especially in more tropical areas.


I like bis new colour scheme way more than bis old one. I really don’t like lime in combination with bright green, so I find his new colour scheme really enjoyable.

Oh yeah because crap is allowed but the other word for dang isnt :>P

I liked it, but I don’t think that lime would have looked very good with GL green.

Honestly, I love the new color scheme for jungle much better than the old green/blue of G1


To be honest, I think his new color scheme looks great! I don’t get why people would hate on it. Green and yellow fit the jungle theme in my opinion.

@dewson12 Ya I have to agree, the gold does not fit with Kopaka. They should have made the golden parts silver instead.

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I hate all the yellow used in sets but it works with lewa kinda.

What’s wrong with yellow?

Nothing really I just don’t like the Yellow on the gear function in each of the sets except for lewa(since its his color scheme). Just not a eye appealing color for me buts thats IMO.