Why do some Bionicle fans suck?

So I've seen some videos on YouTube that frankly make me hate the Bionicle community.
Videos like:
Bionicle 2015: Bionicle is dead
I swear we (Bionicle fans) must be the most ungrateful pricks in the world. For five years we've been screaming at lego to bring Bionicle back but now that it is we're complaining that: "It's a completely different story" "It's boring" Etc I mean GIVE IT A CHANCE IDIOTS!
I know that there probably aren't many people here like that but I just really wanted to bring it up so bye I guess...


More Biotube because: Bionicle 2015: Bionicle is dead is a video where some guy is reading through the magazine deciding that every difference is another nail in Bionicles coffin. It pisses me off...


Let me explain
Those are geewunners

they suck

they are also youtube commenters

they suck too!

combine the two together
you get horrid results


I agree with @Risebell,

My friends are fans of Bionicle too, but they do like the 'New' storyline very much, and are planning on buying a lot of Bionicle sets.


I have to wonder if the people that complain about the new BIONICLE are the same ones that wanted it back to begin with.

Everyone I've seen outside of Youtube, aside from a few people, are okay with the new BIONICLE.


Sadly it seems a lot of people are making kind of weird videos where you can't tell if they don't like new Bionicle or not like the videos of people punching the new sets. It just seems like their making fun of it and complaining but also not straight up saying it's bad which I feel is a bad idea because it will send mixed signals to Lego. But those aren't as bad as the videos complaining about it. Some one legitimately said "The new narrator sounds like a pedophile."


Cult business...am I right? XP
If people don't like it, then they shouldn't have to bag on it. They can have their opinion, and it's up to others as to whether they listen to them or not in terms of viewing the new/old generation.

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Well there is this...


I made a post on page 12, under the name legoboy1935.


wow just wow


yeah like what everyone else sad, it's mainly the youtube comment section, however here as you see we all love the new bionicle (for the most part)


Trust me, they are. They won't be satisfied with anything Lego throws at them.
Some people hate on the new BIONICLE for fame and glory, and to get laughs. It's best to ignore them. After all, their fame will not last forever. They will eventually have to move on with life!

Besides, if they smash their BIONICLEs, it's their money getting wasted, and LEGO gets more money from them to the point that Lego thinks "Hey, we are really getting money from BIONICLE's return!" and they are satisfied.

Trust me, Lego listens to the good fans. Perhaps we should start making encouraging videos about BIONICLE, as i'm sure Lego will appreciate it!


Okay so

@Helryx08 brought up the lmbs

That place is dangerous, do not wander astray, for the herofactoryelitests run strong


The Lego Message Boards, overall, are just really immature.

Tread carefully, young ones.


dont forget

They are like 10
most of them at least

The lmbs are the less disgusting 4chan of the lego world


I did nothing of the sort. Heck, I was kinda against a BIONICLE return, because I didn't want them to take the chance to screw it up.

But I'm also not complaining that it's back. I'm certainly interested. Just don't generalize :stuck_out_tongue:


It's not the entire community, just geewunner purists. The same thing happened to Pokemon and Transformers. It's kinda sad.


he speaks the truth, though among all the crap, there are few logical points (I think a little more so in the transformers fans, but hey we have IDW) that geewunner's can make, even though most of the time they don't say it in the mot logical of ways


Don't even tread carefully. It's not worth the risk of them making you more stupid than when you went in.


Okay, well, at the cost of sounding like a broken record: We may suck, but we're not as bad as TF Fans.

That group of scrubs kinda suck.

I mean, both myself and @ToaOfUltimateDoom are from that mess. Both of us are pretty scarred.

But nah we honestly do share a lot of the same issues, all thigns considered. Makes sense that more than a few Bionicle Fans are TF Fans as well.


I'm a Tf fan too!

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