Why do you RP here on the boards?

What the title says. I’m just curious about why people play.

  • I play because I enjoy making a character and exploring them and their story, and working with other players to make an interesting narrative.
  • I play because I enjoy the feeling of power I get when controlling a powerful character, or anything along those lines
  • I play because I enjoy the social aspect of getting to interact with other people, and use RPs as a another way to do so.
  • I play for a reason other than these. (if you pick this then I’d like to hear why)

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I just love playing new characters and creating story arcs.
I also love trying out new character styles.

I’m pretty much all of the above to be honest.

I had meant to do two.

Mainly because I love stories, and getting to take part in them is really fun! You also get to know some Boards users, which is cool.

My favorite part is definitely creating characters and getting feedback, though.

I dream to become an author, so this is what I like to do.

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i don’t know anymore but i think it’s that i enjoy the social aspect

I love playing any Rp but I prefer those in which you aren’t too limited to a GM pushing actions to fit his already planned out story. Too clarify I like Rps with alot of freedom with the choices of your characters decisions and it doesn’t conflict with someone forcing a narrative.

I have a measure of autonomy I do not feel I have in any “real” environment, the ability to interact and have fun with others, and to bless others and myself with stories we can craft together.

I liked that.

I play because it fills the existential dread I feel knowing I’ll never be this active or social in real life and I’d never amount to anything as significant as any of the characters here.

JK it helps me get better at writing

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There’s two main reasons why I RP here, and a two why I don’t, which are somewhat related.

The first one is that these RPs require very little effort. I can spend 5 minutes thinking up a chatacter or even porting a previous character and I’d be able to RP right away.

The second one, which I expect to get some hate for, is that I like causing chaos. I find that some of the RPs started here are somewhat low quality in the way they’re DMed or the way the players interact, with some seeming to wanting to focus on their own story without wanting any outside forces to interfere until, or in some cases, unless convenient. Occasionally I’ll go ahead and spend the 5 minutes and bring in a character whose motivation will eventually bring him into conflict with the heroes or with the villain in a way seperate from others just for the sake of causing conflict. I suppose you could say it’s not really chaos I like causing, but rather it’s causing conflict where it’s unexpected. Forcing people to learn how to adapt and change their stories based on interaction, which is a pretty crucial part of RPing well imo, and something people sometimes don’t always understand.

As for the reasons I don’t always RP here, I also have other steady dedicated RP sites where I’ve dedicated a decent amount of time. Between this and the other sites, I’ll tend to prefer other sites. RPs here don’t always fit what I like, and some RPs die so quickly that the minimal amount of effort I put in doesn’t reap the slightest reward. The inconsistency sorta puts me off at times.

Additionally they don’t post as fast, which brings me to the posting speed of this site. I was part of a Transformers RP that seemed totally amazing and that I think I made a pretty neat character in, but with school keeping me busy there was times where I’d come back to thousands of replies, and I just couldn’t keep up. You have to invest a lot of time here to stay up to date, otherwise you’re constantly disconnected from the RP.

Anyways, that’s my thoughts.


Simple; my normal site is much better suited on pm / one on on rps though sometimes I’ll find a rp I enjoy on this site. Honestly after my old site went down it was so hard finding a good rp site.
That original site is now back but it might as well have stayed dead considering I can count on both hands how many people returned (not counting the creator / admin; they completely abandoned it.)

I first jumped into RPing blind. I’ve never really done anything like it before, when I joined OA, when that started last year. My main reasoning is that the idea of a RP hat always interested me and I simply wanted to try it.

Now, I am mainly playing for fun. I enjoy making stories and playing interesting characters. I definitely enjoy the social aspects, though partly because I really can’t associate a face with the people I play with. This is a good thing for me, because I tend to have introverted tendencies and in a way RPing helps me get away with that.

It lets me learn and explore different worlds, and in some cases fall in love with that world. I get to see the story build up to its final conclusion, if it gets that far. While there’s definitely RPs that could do better or just simply die out from boredom, I think that I stay to play the RP more than anything else. I love to create stories and hanging out with people who I can call friends, though we could be miles away.


I play for fun mostly, though similar to jctron I jumped in blindly, leading to a few regrets ie the experiment role-play

Personally, I RP because I have always been interested in the concept of an interactive, collaborative story. I have tried other things similar to this before. (like making google docs that people at my school could edit, but that went downhill quickly :stuck_out_tongue:) I eventually made an account on the message boards so I could ask Greg Farshtey a question about Bionicle, but I ended up wandering into other sections of the site, and fate brought me here. Up until that point, I had a very small idea of what an RP even was, but the concept really interested and intigued me. After reading a few examples of an RP on this website, I decided to create my own: Arena Battle.

Originally, my idea for Arena Battle was to have it be a Death Battle styled RP, with one-shot fights to the death between two characters. But then, I was reading Mata Nui’s guide to Bara Magna and saw a passage about the Glatorian system on Bara Magna. That idea intigued me more, so I turned Arena Battle into a Game show, and created the character of the Gamemaster to host it. (At the time, I had no idea that the host of an RP was called a “Game Master”, so that was cool to find out in hindsight.)
When I posted the sign up topic, I was nervous that nobody would want to join, either because they would think my idea sucked, or that I was a noob who still had their default profile picture, and therefore couldn’t be taken seriously. I kept editing the title and rules, paranoid that they weren’t good enough. But luckily, @jayzor17, @controller_of_ice, @Mr.Monopoly, @Tarkur, @Runa and @L.O.S.S-KAL signed up, thank god. I want to take this opportunity to thank you guys for signing up in the first place, because I wouldn’t be here (For better or worse) if it weren’t for you.
Anyways, when the RP started, I began to think bigger. I thought it would be cool to include a mystery and plot twist to give the story more substance and intigue. So , I decided to stage the ninja sneak into the barracks, and have the Gamemaster kidnap Mark. It turned out really great, and I decided that I wanted to continue the stories of the characters after the RP ended, and that I would stick around for more.

So I signed up for Majestic League.

At first, I didn’t believe I would have as big of a role in the project as I do now. I just thought that The Gamemaster would be part of the villains team and get into some shenanigans, but @Shadowrockboy190 promoted me to co-GM, and The Gamemaster as leader of the villains, thanks to a word put in by Mr.Monopoly. After signing up, I waited for the RP to start.

And waited, and waited, and waited, and waited, and waited, and waited, and waited…

I was getting sick of the waiting, as were pretty much every other player. In hindsight, I do feel a little bad for continuously harassing him about when it would start, as I probably came off as pushy to him on top of the others harrassing him. Eventually, it had been about a month of waiting, and it didn’t seem like Shadowrockboy190 was coming back, so I made a controversial decision and decided to take executive action to start and host Majestic League myself. To this day, I still wonder if I made the right decision to start without his permission, what he would think of how it turned out, or what it would be like if the RP never even started in the first place. Either way, I still enjoy playing and GMing Majestic League, despite my occasional moments of poor judgment/decisions as a GM, which I am continuing to work on.
Anyways, what had started as one little RP eventually grew and evolved into something of greater scope and cetail than I could have ever imagined when I first started. I now think of the TTV RPs as sort of an MCU, where everything is conected. I feel as though I’m just getting started with my ideas, and can’t wait to show you all of the RPS I am planNing in the future! :wink:

Back to the question: the reason why I RP on the message boards is simply because I enjoy having fun and sharing my ideas with all of you.

Also, I have tried other RP sites and I can’t grow any roots, so i’m stuck with you guys.:stuck_out_tongue:


Me RP because me like it
Me talk like caveman


I like the cooperative storytelling aspect of RPs, along with creating unique characters and worlds to play with/in. That’s why I enjoy it, personally.


Kinda all the above
But since everyone else is making a speech, so will I

I always wanted to be a write I aspired to be like Greg Farshety, but I realised I stunk at writing, I joined the boards to try to give everyone a better outlook on the Mistika since everyone seems to hate them, but the people here seemed pretty chill so I gave up, I asked some questions, they got closed, I wrote some stories but I was a terrible writer so someone recomended I look at the RPs to learn about characters and the first RP I tried to join was the Survivors of the lost, but I was quickly told it was over, then another Transformers one but they were all over, I eventually found Displaced and it was alright, then I found 2059 and it was awesome! Thanks @Mctoran, by the way. I realised I’ll probably get nowhere with my stories, but going on the boards is a fun and refreshing thing after being called a loser and other words I can’t say here, all day and people trying to make me bleed, I feel like I prefer socialising online to in real life

Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk

Hey, not everyone.I stand on your side. I personally haven’t seen anyone to hate mistika…

Yeah, this board is mostly a lot nicer

I said mostly (luckily Aidan is banned though)

I never knew how much people hate mistika

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It’s kind of common knowledge. 2008 Toa were controversial in general but the Mistika in particular got a lot of flak and continue to be low-hanging fruit to criticize as sets to this day. Tbh I’m also of the “lol mistika bad” camp. The Nuva at least held some resemblance to their previous forms, but this was just a mess. But then again, Bionicle has never been good with keeping upgraded forms consistent to previous ones, and I wouldn’t have minded as much if they actually looked good on their own, like some of the Mahri, but they just… didn’t. Horrifically gangly proportions, awkwardly tacked on flight pieces, and mask designs that still make me scratch my head to this day.