Why is your Self-Moc called what it's called?

When I made a topic about my Self-Moc Pyren. Someone, thought it would be a Toa of fire, and I totally agree that it might be confusing, and for no particular reason I chose the name ‘Pyren’.

But maybe you do have a reason why you called your Self-Moc, the name you’ve given it.

So share your stories here!

Once upon a time

I had a self moc called ignis
Which was fire in latin because I am unoriginal

then, through magical means, I made an anagram of it

And thats my self mocs name.


Very interesting…

I named my SM Onyx, mostly because he’s a toa of earth, but also because another MOC that used his original mask (The Black Phantom helmet) was named Onyx.
Oh, also because Pokemon.

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Interesting is the word I would use to describe it.


Well, I didn’t come up with my Self-MOC’s name. I actually asked a bunch of other people what they thought would be a good name for the guy and somebody said Ceralis. I liked it, and it stuck.

Also, I find it funny how Ceralis isn’t a real word, but sounds like Latin.

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I thought of the first two syllables that popped into my head, and they were Orrel.

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I named Katarax “Katarax” because it sounded cool. No other real reason.

Marendex is, obviously, named after myself; Takara is named after the Great Takara dance/celebration-thing because of a previous back-story; and Nordik is an alteration of Norik.

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Nyran is a Thai name meaning Eternal.

I chose it by the virtue that I intended this MOC to stick around, having gone through two other, failed concept Self-MOCs that I just didn’t feel represented me as well.

And so it was that Child of the Stars: Nyran Altair was conceived at first.

Altair comes in as my favorite star, and one of a Triangle with Vega and Deneb. One day I’ll build the two other counterparts. One day.


So, my self-MOC got his start as an RP character I was making.

I was crafting a profile and I needed a name for my Toa of Fire. I wanted it to sound semi-original. My thought process was to make it similar to Axon, but I wanted to put a twist on it.

Eventually my mind went, “Arxtann, yeah, that’ll work.” And that’s what I’ve stuck with since I like the character so much.

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it’s a long story…

I thought I was clever when I was younger when playing wind waker by coming up with my own name, but I liked link so yink was created, which has stuck as my online name,

fast forward to me creating a self-moc, and wanting to use yink in the name, I thought about toa names, and my favorite toa, pohatu, thus payinku was coined.


My name (Ragged Claws) is actually a quote from a poem. You can see the quote on the profile of my account, but basically, my mum always thought of me when she read this quote in this poem. So when it came to making my stop motion channel, I was asking around my family and my mum said I should call it “Ragged Claws”.

Then I named my MOC after it and gave it a crab theme.


My self-MOC is called Political Underscore Slime because my Board username is Political_Slime, which in turn is taken from my Minecraft username: Political_Slime. Oddly enough, that username was derived from a skin I made before making an account…


One day.

I made this character for this guy on CUUSOO.

And gave him a hood and the Jethryn name.

I liked it, so when I made a selfMOC I gave him that name.

And for his G2 name change (Jetera) I tried to change his name so that it sounded more Mata Nui-esque.

Fun fact: When I began remaking him for G2, he was originally going to have the epithet “Denvai”, which means “Wandering One” in my invented language.

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Mine is called “The Assassin”.

Originally, he was “The Hunter”, but as time progressed, my Self-MoC became more and more dark and sinister, so I renamed him.

I also recently have kinda been obsessed with the whole AC franchise, so the name was really a no-brainer.


Jemoph the beast-

Named after my nickname/user(JMP), which I tried turning into an epic name, while the beast part is mostly due to his battle-style, which is basicly like Optimus Prime or some other movie transformer and/or vicious gladiator…

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Litua means “good hero” in BIONICLE, as close as I could translate it.

@Payinku : your name looks cool when written, but it sounds weird when I try to say it. How do you pronounce it?


My self-MOC’s name is Avax because the first part (Av) is the prefix for light in Bionicle, and my name happens to mean light. Ax is just something to tack on to make it sound Bionicle-ish.

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Pa-yink(like link)-oo
similar to pohatu.


My self-MOC is a muddle of plastic pieces in a vaguely humanoid semblance. Its title is Chro.